DVD Dementia (or will have soon!)

  Chegs ® 19:05 11 Apr 2005

I have been using a Pioneer A106 DVD-RW with no problems for nearly 12 months.Then my daughter got hold of "Stuart Little 2" DVD...

This disc,installs its own playback software(although her PC has PowerDVD)which then promptly crashes the PC.I tried "Opening" the DVD with PowerDVD,but still the PC crashes,initially I suspected the Fraggles PC's hardware(DVD-ROM is a fairly recent replacement for another DVD-ROM that suddenly stopped reading DVD's)I then tried the DVD in my PC,it causes my XP to "wobble" and the CD-RW/DVD-RW vanish from explorer,until I reboot the PC.I found the DVD worked in the TV's DVD player,so transferred it to tape,then to my PC,rendered,editted,etc and then tried several DVD-R's(which failed with various errors)regardless of which app I used to burn them)
I then tried burning to DVD-RW(I had ten,but the 5 -RW's failed within a few weeks of purchase)So,off we went testing the DVD+RW's,found one that was still usable(I could format/erase,etc)and I burnt the DVD.This disc works on my PC,on the Fraggles PC,but NOT the TV's DVD player.

I had a good read round all kinds of websites,and tried these...

1)Updated Nero to latest version.

2)Re-enabled the swapfile(as I had 1.5Gb RAM,decided it wasn't really necessary)

3)Flashed firmware on Pioneer,to latest version(1.08)but the drive wouldn't recognise ANY DVD,only CDR's,so reflashed to 1.07.

4)Tried alternative burning software(Nero/Alchohol120%/TMPGenc/CloneDVD,etc)

I have discovered through all this,that Nero's InCD version 4300 causes me no end of coaster production,but InCD 4056 with latest Nero(63125)and firmware 1.07 is the most reliable combo.I have only one DVD+RW left.That I can still render/edit DVD's.That I need to buy "Imation" brand blanks.

So,all was not lost in two weeks of fighting with this disc.I did learn all about the Dye used to make DVD's,which firmware works best for me,why my PC got a bit wobbly(InCD)Why DVD Shrink is an extremely useful app,etc.(You can shrink a DVD to avoid using the suspect areas at start/end of a blank disc)

I'm now going to go and lie in a darkened room until the next PC fair,so I can purchase a fresh stock of media. :-)

  wee eddie 20:16 11 Apr 2005

A pain in the "proverbial" it is too.

I have, as yet, no solution either, but as I only watch about 2 videos each year, I have not been overly excised and shall watch the thread with interest!

  Chegs ® 20:23 11 Apr 2005

I dont even bother with that..." 2 videos each year"

I rarely bother with TV/Video,I occasionally spot an interesting prog,only to find I miss the rest of the series as I'm too busy keeping the two PC's running. :-)

  Chegs ® 21:16 11 Apr 2005

I'm on dialup,after waiting several minutes for the Nero page loading,finding that I haven't got the latest version(although it WAS the only update I could see)makes me want to cry. :-(

I did have ADSL,but thats another long story.

  User-312386 21:31 11 Apr 2005

Its not the DVD player its the software on your PC

You need anydvd click here this will enable you to view any type of DVD on your PC

  User-312386 21:34 11 Apr 2005

It is not just the software on your PC

It is also the encryption in the file structures of the DVD's

  Chegs ® 21:51 11 Apr 2005

Niether of those things would help,the problem is also occuring with a blank,brand new(well,freshly opened.)DVD-RW.I fought with it for over 12 hours on one occasion(when I "discovered" the InCD problem)I also found an app that could read the mfg data and also an app to change the "bitsettings" and that Nero can change the "Book Field Type"

The only common denominator is the DVD-RW discs,as the DVD-R's I have tried have been from other mfg.I read recently that they are supposed to be good for 999 burns,yet I have had failures after their 1st burn.I have wiped the hdd and reinstalled each burning app alone,so it wasn't a fault with the apps/OS conflicts.

I posted this,not as a cry for help but as an amusing tale to give those with DVD grief a bit of inspiration(They're not alone) :-)

  Chegs ® 10:05 12 Apr 2005

I went off and d/l'ed Nero6608a lastnite,then spent several hours retrying each of the DVD-RW discs,the result was the same(only one works,and DVD-R media refuses to be burnt)

  rickf 10:11 12 Apr 2005

Why not try to play DVDs w/out installing the softwrae which came with it. Press Shift Kay when the disc is going in and it'll then play on Power DVD or Wins Media. This usually works for me. Sometimes it takes a few attmepts before it will go thru.'

  rickf 10:11 12 Apr 2005

Shoul read "key" of course.

  Chegs ® 10:21 12 Apr 2005

I did try "shift" key to stop the disc from autorunning,but it still made no difference,the DVD of Stuart Little still crashes my PC/InCD,or simply isn't recognised by whichever DVD device I tried it in(other than the TV DVD player)

I couldn't even burn a data DVD,as all my discs are unrecognised.My RW discs,even after a "verified" format,are still retaining data,as attempting to burn a DVD/Data fails with a message about "still data on disc" and offers nothing but the "erase" wizard,round and round.

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