Dvd-Copying problems!

  mazyman 18:32 04 Jul 2004

I have recently installed a NEC-2500A Dvd Re-writer drive. Everything ok until lately when dvd's that I have copied have suddenly paused during playback. The picture is motionless for quite some time and then normal service is resumed until it pauses again. Original dvd films run without problems which indicates that the drive is ok. Could it be media problems(Datasafe 4xspeed Gen. Purp. DVD-R) Discs, or software trouble? (Power DVD, DVD Decrypter, dvd2one140). Has anyone experienced this before?


  Agent Smith 18:47 04 Jul 2004

Sounds like media problems to me. You can get a selection of different media to try from click here My brother in law uses their bulk supply white but I'm not entirely sure of the DVD media ref. but he does have the same recorder as you. The media that he uses would not work on my Sony. If possible try Ritek's G04 dye DVDs I think they work on just about anything. Also Bigpockets has a compatibility chart on their site.

  dazzling (work) 18:55 04 Jul 2004

datasafe 4x dvd are ritek 04 dye so you should not have a problem with them as they appear to be the most compatible.they work in my sony and thats picky about disks but to try the different ones.could be a software fault try uninstalling and reinstalling.is your aspi layer corrupted check that too.darren

  mazyman 19:08 04 Jul 2004

I'll look into the media compatability as I suspect this is the problem too but how do I check my aspi layer for corruption?


  dazzling (work) 19:35 04 Jul 2004

goto the adaptec site and download the aspi driver package 4.7 something i think in there there is an icon called asdpi chk double click and it will tell you.if you have nero you can use that somewhere in tools cant remember exactly.darren

  mazyman 22:12 04 Jul 2004

thanks for your help. I'll try what you said and also look into the media that I am using, keep you posted

  mazyman 00:41 06 Jul 2004

On the aspi thing I had no luck at adaptec's website for aspi driver 4.7 so I tried via Nero and within tools there is a aspi tab which reads "No aspi installed". Is this right?

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