DVD copying

  jonboy 17:44 16 Aug 2003

I want to copy some of my dvd`s for use in another room for the kid`s but when i try to copy them it says they are copy protected is there a program where i can copy them i have easy cd creater 5 basic

  BarryKeith 17:56 16 Aug 2003

DVD-Magic, a freebie, if you can get it to work. It works for some, so may be worth a try.
DVD-Decrypter will grab the files needed to make a V-CD and put them on your hard drive, also a freebie.
Do a google search for them.

  jonboy 18:04 16 Aug 2003

yeh is there no way i can just copy the dvd to a dvd on my dvd rw

  jonboy 18:08 16 Aug 2003

wheres that then

  gob14 19:44 16 Aug 2003

try this link all you need to know and tools to use click here

  bigyin69 22:07 16 Aug 2003

try eazy vcd it will copy all dvds but it will take upto 8hours to copy

  The Sack 22:14 16 Aug 2003

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