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  pj123 15:20 12 Jul 2004

I have a friend who belonged to a Rock Band in the 50s. They have just had a reunion and have each been given a DVD of the gig. I have been asked to do some copies of the DVD. The first (test) copy plays perfectly on my domestic multi-format DVD player but it won't play on anyone else's, even though they have multi-format DVD players. The original DVD they have plays perfectly. Anyone have any ideas? Please.

  TBH1 15:23 12 Jul 2004

if you've copied to -R, then try the +R - - -

  pj123 15:35 12 Jul 2004

TBH1, good point. Yes I have copied to -R. But I thought a multi-format DVD player meant just that? I don't have any +R DVD blanks but I will get some and give it a try.

  TBH1 17:04 12 Jul 2004

I would also think that multi-format players would play both of these formats - but gotta be worth trying 'the other' sort I guess.

  denchris 18:03 12 Jul 2004

There are so many makes of dvd recorders/players and brands of disc makers at this time I think the best way is to try various makes of blanks, they`r cheap enough. I have found `bulkpaq `orange dvd - x4 perfect for my `MSI DVD-/+ RW, at £6.86 for 25 spindle, suits me, suits me

  georgemac 18:30 12 Jul 2004

my parents lg dvd player will not look at -r, but the +r discs work perfectly.

  pj123 14:31 13 Jul 2004

Thanks guys, just got some +R disks. Will give them a try and report back.

  SEASHANTY 15:08 13 Jul 2004

Could it be that the copies you have made in DVD-R will have to be finalised individually. Maybe just
copying the DVD doesn't include these files. Never done this so unsure. The reasoning has always been that DVD-R discs are more compatible with domestic players than DVD+R. Never used the latter but I have not had any problems with the DVD-R's I have finalised playing in either of my domestic DVD players.

  pj123 12:12 14 Jul 2004

Thanks everyone. Someone else now has the original DVD and is going to try. He has different software to me. I won't see him now until next Tuesday, so I will close this thread and await the outcome.

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