DVD Clips & Windows Movie Maker

  musopoet 15:41 25 Mar 2010

I wish to iclude a clip from a DVD into a Windows Movie Maker project. How do I do this?

  eedcam 16:19 25 Mar 2010

Unless you have Vista or 7 you cant without converting the clip to avi first or wmv.This will convert and its free
click here
choose download from Miror if you are going this route and just drag the relevant Vob clip into it

  musopoet 16:34 25 Mar 2010

Yeah; I have that software but I just want a 30-40 second clip from the DVD. So...I convert the DVD into AVI but how do I obtain the clip for insertion into the project?

  eedcam 18:18 25 Mar 2010

Not sure whichsoftware you mean Ok you can either create the clip first then convert or more time consuming convert the Just the VOB file with the section init then cut it in WMM .What I would suggest is get DVD shrink its free using reauthor inthat (I'll explain fully if you choose that) its quite easy you just choose the start and stop of the clip and save that then you only Have your 30/40 sec to convert.Otherwise you need to know which Vob file the clip is part of and Sods lawit could be at the end and beinning of two files

  musopoet 16:05 29 Mar 2010

Okay - I have DVD shrink - so I need to use the re-author facility to chose the start/stop of the clip I wish to use?

  eedcam 18:51 29 Mar 2010

Yes use the reauthor Drag the main title over then click on the two opposing arrows at the top then using the start/stop box that appears find your section back it up as a hard disc folder that'll give you a Tiny Vts folder/file ready to convert

  musopoet 15:41 06 Apr 2010

Experiencing problems. I'm trying to re-author a DVD which was recorded on my DVD Recorder from an old VHS Video Tape using the Dub method.

When inserted into my PC the disc appears to be blank! Yet when played on my DVD Recorder - it plays fine!

  musopoet 16:17 08 Apr 2010

'Finalised the disc and now it plays on my PC. However, it won't open in 'DVD Shrink'. The file reads as a: DVD_RTAV file. HELP!

  eedcam 18:36 08 Apr 2010

When you explore the dvd does it also show a vifdeo _ts folder if so drag that onto shrink .If it does not it may show up if you open the rtav
file what you have done is create advd VR as opposed ti the normal dvd video

  musopoet 12:39 09 Apr 2010

No - when I open the DVD_RTAV file it shows a VR_MANGR and VR_MOVIE file.

I can open the VR_MANGR and play it but it won't open in DVD Shrink.

This is getting complicated - what is the best and quickest route to editing a clip from this DVD into Moviemaker? I have a deadline to meet.

All and any help will be appreciated

  eedcam 18:51 09 Apr 2010

As far as I know Nero should be ok for that format even renaming as mpg might get it in.But have you opened the VRfile whats in it might still be vobs(mpeg) How big is the dvd

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