DVD-Cdrom and CD/RW won't read Cd's??

  Simac 20:30 08 Jan 2005

I have a friend who's DVD/CD-ROM and CD/RW will not read any type of Disk they put in. One is on an E: drive the other is on the D: drive they are using O/S XP Professional. I assumed it was a case of updating the Drivers but when putting in the make and model of each I did not seem to get anywhere with them!! They are both Sony the CD/RW is something like 225E?? if I can recall.. with the DVD I can't remember but I know that is also a Sony!! There was a mention of firmware which threw me completely!! Any suggestions!!

  john-232317 08:47 09 Jan 2005

Did they work before ?

Have they done any upgrades inside pc, or software.

If not and they have both gone at the same time, then possibly the ribbon has come loose from motherboard.

Need more info ;-)

  Simac 18:18 09 Jan 2005

Apparently they did work before. Yes there was an upgrade in O/S and I assume the drivers were upgraded because they did say they were working when the O/S was upgraded to XP Pro..

I think the DVD/CD-Rom was upgraded recently apparently the old one would not work so they replaced it then the new one became obsolete and yes I think they both went at the same time.

I assumed the ribbon may have come away but I did not have time to have a look inside the unit to check, I will have to call the chap tomorrow for more info!!

  Simac 18:17 10 Jan 2005

If the ribbon as come away from the m'board then I did not think you would still get the Hardware showing up i.e D: and E: drive showing both DVD-CD-ROM and the CDRW and in Device Manager they are showing up as working properly!!

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