DVD and CD Rewriters - Do they conflict?

  glen2409 20:34 10 Nov 2004


I have A DVD rewriter as a master device and a cd-rw as a secondary device. Will they conflict with each other when I burn discs?

I ask this as i ahve noticed recent problems with my emprex DVD-RW taking up alot of processor,freezing and alot of buffer underruns when I burn.


  Cuddles 22:22 10 Nov 2004

Yes they probably will conflict, you should have one cd/dvd device as slave on your hard drive ribbon cable, the other device should be as master on the other ide.

  glen2409 22:27 10 Nov 2004

Thanks for the reply.

I have 2 hard drives as well, one for taking Ghost images. I take it that cancels that option

  The Spires 22:49 10 Nov 2004

You can have it either way, a while ago having a writer in the same IDE port as a hard drive would slow the hard drive down but that isn't a problem anymore. I personally have two hard drives on one IDE and a Cd writer & a DVD writer in the other port (master & seconadary) as I have done for a while. No problems. Some prefer the other way around.

  glen2409 23:11 10 Nov 2004

Thanks for the reply.

Are you saying i can run one hard drive and the cdr/w on one ide and the other hard drive and cdrw on the other?

  TomJerry 00:01 11 Nov 2004

do not mixe cd-rom (slow transfer rate 33MB/s) with HDD (faster 100MB/s or 133MB/s) on the same cable, it will slow your HDD down.

What you did is correct.

If you are worry, get a IDE controller card to get two more extra IDE channnels for you £12 click here

  ventanas 08:42 11 Nov 2004

I have exactly the same as you. dvd-rw as secondary master and cd-rw as secondary slave. I use Roxio EasyCD 6. No conflicts and no problems. Roxio adjusts to whichever drive has a disc in it.

  Stuartli 09:53 11 Nov 2004

To supplement ventanas's comments, Nero provides the facility to select the drive to be used if you have more than one rewriter.

  glen2409 19:48 11 Nov 2004

I take it I need to keep my dvd -rw as a master and cd-rw as slave on the same ide. And the 2 hard drives on the same ide. I just wondered what was affecting my dvd-rw all of a sudden

Thanks for your replies and any further help would be appreciated

  g0nvs 19:51 11 Nov 2004

No they will not conflict. Have both here and using Nero 6.

  glen2409 19:55 11 Nov 2004

You have the dvd-rw and cd-rw on the same ide cable as master and slave. I use nero 6 and the cd-rw is fine but noticed dvd-rw is playing up and using up all the cpu and freezing the pc with buffer underruns. May be the new firmware.

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