DVD and CD Drives on one channel

  john-231489 21:40 07 Jun 2005

Hi all

Can someone give me a bit of advice on the above. My DVD rewriter and CD rewriter will not work together on IDE2. The DVD will work OK with a CD rom but will not work with the CD Writer. Both show up correctly as drives and both appear in devise manager. To make sure the CD writer was working I checked it in my other machine and also tried another in my machine,
any help would be greatly appreciated

  hugh-265156 00:00 08 Jun 2005

have you checked the little jumpers on each drive are set to master for one drive and slave for the other and they are on the correct end of the IDE cable?

master goes on the end and slave goes on the middle connector. or you could set both to cable select maybe if you have 80 wire IDE cables.

  john-231489 15:21 08 Jun 2005

Thanks for the response Huggyg71. Sorry I have been a longtime but I had to go out. I have checked the jumpers and also the position of the connectors, they were correct. The DVD works OK but the Cd rewriter does not work at all when connected in this way.


  Dorsai 16:02 08 Jun 2005

You could try swapping them with each other?

Don't know if it will have any effect, but make the master the slave, and the slave the master, make sure (as Huggy71n said) that you remember to get the master drive on the end, and the slave in the middle of the cable.

You might try taking the jumper off the slave drive all together...It sometimes works...

  SEASHANTY 16:10 08 Jun 2005

See this tutorial on how to fit a front loading drive click here

  dagwoood 16:13 08 Jun 2005

Kovus, is the IDE ribbon 80 wire? If it's 40, this may account for your problem as the drives might want to run in a faster DMA mode than the cable can support.

What ATA rates does the ribbon cable support? If it supports only 133/100, you may need one that will support 100/66.

Also, have you tried swapping around which drive is set as master and which is set as slave? Some drives can be temperamental about this.

HTH, dagwoood.

  SEASHANTY 16:13 08 Jun 2005

...and note particularly the way the jumpers are
fitted on this page
click here

  john-231489 16:15 08 Jun 2005

Thanks Dorsai. I have just tried all this and the CD rewriter still does not work although as I have said before it is recognised and identified in devise manager. It really does seem weird that an ordinary CD ROM drive works fine but the rewriter does not even thought it works OK my my other machine. I have even attached the CD rewriter as slave to the hard drive and it works but I am not happy with that configuration so I may give up on this unless you have any further suggestions.


  john-231489 16:19 08 Jun 2005

Hi SEASHANTY, The CD rewriter is as shown in the illustration but it does not have a DMA jumper


  john-231489 16:27 08 Jun 2005

Hi dagwood.
The cable is 40 wire. I have several of these spare but non with 80 wires. I will endeavour to get hold of one and give it a try. However this is new to me as the pin arrangement on the back of the drive only has 38 pins. I have swapped the drive positions but this also has failed.


  SEASHANTY 16:42 08 Jun 2005

Strange - it cannot be anything wrong with the cables if another drive works in this position. It also cannot be anything wrong with the drive if it works in another PC. You say it shows in Device Manager. If you right click on this drive in Device Manager and select properties - does it say that this device is working properly?

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