1st spring 16:35 01 Jan 2010

I have info on CD RW and DVD RW. They are coming up as the opposite i.e CD is coming up as DVD. PC is acting as if there isn't any info on the disk, there is. This is only one prob. The other is I put Pictures with music on a disk using Nero but when I came to play the disk there wasn't any sound. I was saving as I went along. I looked back at the saved version which was in My Doc but when I opend it there wasn't any thing only page for of letters. After the name I gave the disk it said TXT after the name. Do I need help? Yes please

  Bill Oddie2 19:11 01 Jan 2010

English lessons?

  tullie 19:14 01 Jan 2010

Im sure youm will get sensible replies to your problem.

  Technotiger 19:14 01 Jan 2010

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit!!

Totally un-called for!

  rdave13 19:39 01 Jan 2010

If I understand correctly you were burning 'on the fly'? Streaming and burning at the same time. I've found this to be a poor way of doing it and getting problems. Always best to download to hard drive first, then, burn to disc.

  1st spring 05:43 02 Jan 2010

Bill, I do understand, it wasn't easy to follow. I found it confusing myself things not going the way they should. If you managed to understand then maybe you could help by wording it correctly for me please. I and anyone willing to help would appreciate it. Thank you. English lessons maybe but I always remember my manners.

Rdave13. I have heard of (the fly) but do not understand what it means. Streaming and burning? Does this mean you think I was copying onto the disk and burning as I went? I thought I was saving my work as I went so if anything did go wrong I could go back to that part instead of having to start from scratch. Thank you for your help in trying to understand.

  Technotiger 09:29 02 Jan 2010

Hi, You have not named the Disk, you have named the work which you have saved. It would appear that you have been saving your efforts in My Documents, hence the prefix .TXT on the name - this is what you see when you save a Document in a program such as Word!

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