DVD case design and labelling.

  nick_j007 12:56 04 May 2008

Hi all,

I run my own dog behaviour company and am looking onto ways in which I can produce my own DVD for instructional use.

I have the camera, software and adequate (I hope!) know-how, just looking ahead and trying to pull together ideas for the future whereby I can produce my own packaging ideally at home to begin with. It may get big as things grow, but for now I'd like to do it all myself.

I have an HP printer - psc 2110 that could do my inserts, is there paper out there cut for this purpose?

What's the best way to design the cover? I have Nero cover designer, but not sure where to start there! I have a Microsoft suite, but nothing seen there.

What's the best way to label a DVD so it looks professional yet remains very playable in the purchasers machine?

A professional end product is what I'm looking for without too much expense.

Thank you for looking,


  pj123 13:39 04 May 2008

Check out Discus. I use it all the time.

It has templates for any label going and it also has a template for printing direct to the CD/DVD.

I have an Epson R220 printer which can print direct on to CD/DVDs. Can't get much more professional that that!

click here

It is a very big program/templates. It started off on CD but now is sent out on DVD. Too big to dowload.

You can download a demo but it prints "DEMO" across the labels.

  eedcam 14:09 04 May 2008

Not advisable to stick labels on dvd's ok many do but an element of playability risk you'd be better investing in a printer that prints direct to disk

  nick_j007 15:44 04 May 2008

Thanks both. I thought this was the case eedcam, so I might look at that Epson printer. I do photography also...will the Epson print nice pictures as well as DVD's?


  Koochy 15:57 04 May 2008

Nero cover designer will do the insert and the outer cover and usually the printers own software will do the disc.
I have a Canon Pixma ip4200 printer that does both discs and photographs (as well as all the normal printing requirements)and i am more than happy with the quality the printer produces.


  Jim Thing 16:56 04 May 2008

Just to endorse previous comments:
I use an Epson R220 for printing direct onto CDs and DVDs, and have found it to be excellent and trouble-free. It also prints good-quality photos and comes with user-friendly disk-design software. Unfortunately I believe it's no longer in Epson's current range, so you may have a problem finding one for sale.

BTW I've never paid Epson prices for ink, even when the printer was brand new. I'd recommend Choice Stationery (click here) for good-quality compatibles and good service.

  Ollyolly 17:28 04 May 2008


I've recently bought a Lightscribe DVD writer.
It produces very smart discs (I've only tried CD's so far but DVD's would be the same). It saves sticky labels that mey come off and it is likely to be cheaper then buying a printer that prints directly onto the disc. Downside is the discs cost a little more.

Check out the idea, it won't take you long and it may be just what you want.

  nick_j007 17:44 04 May 2008

pj123. I like the demo...have just finished a quick insert for fun and it all went well...nice and intuitive...May well get that then. Many thanks.

Point taken re printing direct onto CD/DVD. I like that idea very much. I really do not want any of these DVDs coming back due to label issues or not playing.

I like the sound of Lightscribe and have wondered before now. Presumably there is no colour? I feel a coloured face would be most striking eventually, though I appreciate the idea.

  nick_j007 17:45 04 May 2008

A few R220's on Ebay at £50 or less what did you pay new?

  pj123 18:43 04 May 2008

Forget Lightscribe. As you say no colour.

I got my Epson R220 printer from eBay but I can't remember what I paid for it now.

£50 or less is a good price.

  Jim Thing 19:55 04 May 2008

I bought my Epson R220 a couple of years ago from PC World. It cost about £70 as I recall — well worth the money, I reckon.

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