DVD Camcorder Help

  JanaMan 10:03 30 Oct 2006

I have bought a SONY DVD Handycam - DVD-DCR205
It redords onto disc but when you finalize it it records onto q formart which is npot editable in normal pc vido editing apps. - Is tere a convertor available to change the file formqt while keepingthe quality

soz about speeling

  johnnyrocker 10:08 30 Oct 2006

as far as i know a finalised disk cannot be edited.


  De Marcus™ 10:18 30 Oct 2006

The camcorder DVD disk will be in the DVD video file format, i.e. .vob, etc. If your editing software supports this format pop the DVD into you dvd rom drive and copy the files from the disk.

If, as I suspect, your editing software doesn't support the .vob files then plug your camera directly into your pc's usb or firewire port and use windows movie maker to capture the footage in .avi format. Most if not all editing programs support the .avi format.

  eedcam 18:47 30 Oct 2006

I think youwill find several of the normal editing programmes will edit. Ulead video studio .adobe premiere elements Magix movie maker Agreed Mpeg is not a good format to edit with I dont think widows movie maker supports VOB files if not download Virtualdub-Mpeg2 its a freebie and you can convert to avi with that

  rodriguez 19:01 30 Oct 2006

Video files from a DVD disc are split into chunks of 0.99 GB. This means that to edit it, it's best to have them in one VOB file (may as well leave it as VOB, it saves confusion and if you find your video editing app can't read it, change the extension from .vob to .mpg). Best thing to use is SmartRipper (click here) - this will copy the video content from the disc. To make sure it stays as one single file, go onto Settings and in the File Splitting section, press Max Filesize then set the Max Filesize to about 4000 MB or more if needed. This should then rip your film as one single VOB file which can be edited. I use NeroVision, but because it's just an MPEG2 video, most programs should read it. Try renaming the extension from .vob to .mpg if your video editing app won't read it.

  JanaMan 21:31 02 Nov 2006

Ok so far so good but a new problem.

I finalized my disc to copy onto my computer but then unfinalized it so that i could carry on recording. The problem here is that when i unfinalized it all the video must have been deleted somehow and i only noticed before finalizing again.

So i read the Manual and re-read it. But it shows that the video on the disc will only be removed if the disc is formatted.

so is there any way to recover the lost data?
This is really important cause the video ive lost is really important

  De Marcus™ 21:44 02 Nov 2006

You can't unfinalise a disk, it's literally impossible. What you did when you "unfinalised" your disk is erase what was previously recorded (or the headers to the file if it was a quick erase to get technical), so the chances of you getting your data back are minimal, if not a complete waste of time considering the cost and likely outcome.)

Put it down to experience and next time don't erase that RW mini-dvd disk!

  JanaMan 22:17 02 Nov 2006

so sad to hear that - im gonna try stickin to DVD-r's instead.

about the RW
It says on the packaging that it can be reused 150 times is it actually true - as i know with comp discs it definatly aint

  Vangeliska 23:01 02 Nov 2006

All may not be lost! PC Inspector can recover files that have been deleted from HDD and Camera Flash cards, it may well recover from your DVD as well, worth a try and it's a free program

  Vangeliska 23:03 02 Nov 2006

PC Inspector link click here

  JanaMan 17:13 03 Nov 2006

ill try it an post on monday - im gonna be away

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