DVD Burning Software.

  Tony W. 19:42 31 Jul 2008

I would be grateful if anybody could assist with a problem I am having when trying to burn DVDs.I was having problems with my previous DVD burning suite(Cyberlink) so today I uninstalled it and then replaced it with Ashampoo burning Studio 8.

Unfortunately I am now having the same problem as before but only with DVDs (CDs are fine).The burning process of the DVDs begins ok but at the end of the process the system will not close down, finish,or open the DVD drawer even after 10 minutes you can still hear the disc revolving.

The only way to stop the process is by way of Ctrl,Alt, and Delete.

There are only 6 files of 6mbs each that I am attempting to record.The discs are Sony DVD-R x25.
I looked in the system event viewer and it showed 9 errors (ID 11) as follows-"The driver detected a controller error on/Device/CDROM/0.

The drive is a Lightscribe Writemaster about six months old and already installed when the computer was purchased.Many thanks,Tony.W.

  MsTechie 19:47 31 Jul 2008

Its possible that the DVD laser has failed but the CD laser is still ok, does it play DVD's?

  skidzy 19:48 31 Jul 2008

Try reducing the burn speed.

Or try Imgburn click here
Deepburner click here

  Ditch999 19:50 31 Jul 2008

Try clearing the Upper and Lower Filters in the registry click here

  Technotiger 19:50 31 Jul 2008

If it proves to be a faulty drive, I would ask for a replacement.

  Tony W. 11:41 01 Aug 2008

Thank you to those who replied to my request for help.I took the advice of Technotiger because it is thanks to his previous good advice given in the forums that I have my current Firewall,Antivirus,Anti-Spyware,Reg Cleaner etc.

I contacted the manufacturer of my computer and asked for a replacement drive.They have agreed but are refusing to honour the warranty conditions that I originaly paid a supplement for.(On Site repair).They insist the computer be returned to them.

Can anybody recommend a good external DVD drive a that I could buy.This is probably my best and easyist option as I do not want to be without the computer. Thank you.Tony.W.

  Pine Man 11:56 01 Aug 2008

Why get an external drive? Just get a new internal one and replace the old one. I would recommend the Samsung SH-S223F, which i believe is the fastest available. Should pick one up for less than £20

  Tony W. 13:14 01 Aug 2008

Hello Pineman and thank you.

I followed your advice and located and ordered the Samsung SH-S223F it also comes with Nero burning software as well and all for just £15.95.Which is less than half of the price of the external drives I was looking at.

I assume that I will have to take of the back of my computer to fit it. There does not seem to be anyway of removing it from the front of the unit.Is it easy to fit? or would you advise me to get in a specialist to install it.Thank you very much for your help.Tony.W.

  Pine Man 14:58 01 Aug 2008

Wow that was a bit speedy!

Now I know you have a Mesh PC and it is about 6 months old - ok so far?

I assume as it is fairly new that it has a SATA hard drive?

On the basis that all the above assumptions are correct I assume you have ordered a SATA DVD Writer?

Now if the drive that you are discarding is not SATA bit IDE and has a wide ribbon connector you may need to purchase a SATA cable and power connector separately to enable you to fit the new DVD Writer.

The job is extremely straightforward but let me know how I am doing so far.

  Pine Man 15:24 01 Aug 2008

This site contains a user manual at the bottom centre of the page and confirms that the Samsung is a SATA drive. All I need to know now is that your motherboard has SATA connectors. This will be apparant by checking that your hard drive has a narrow flat cable about a half inch wide rather than a wide ribbon about two inches wide. Where your hard drive cable fits to the motherboard there should be a total of about 4 SATA connectors. click here

  Tony W. 16:19 01 Aug 2008

Dear Pineman.

So far you are doing absolutely brilliant for me.I have just got out all the paperwork for my computer and the Motherboard is an Asus P5N-E SLI.

Going through the user guide I found that it does indeed have 4 P5N-E SLI SATA Connectors.Can also confirm that the drive I ordered is a SATA.(Which was pure luck on my part)shold have waited for your next post.I have also downloaded the installation manual.

The drive will not be with me until Monday or Tuesday of next week so will have plenty of time to study the manual in the meantime.

I do very much appreciate the help and assistance you have so kindly given me also you have obviously given up your time to do some research on my behalf.Many thanks and best wishes Tony.W.

(I will tick the problem resolved box but have purposely left it open so that I can let you know next week how things worked out)

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