dvd + burning software

  ZeBeDee001 17:20 14 Mar 2004

a mate of mine has just bought a new pc with a dvd rewriter, he wants to be able to use it to burn discs that will play back in most dvd players. however, he's been having trouble getting files to burn properly, he's tried using nero 6 with no luck. Apparently he needs software to burn to dvd+ as that is all the drive will burn, any responses would be a great help as we've hit a brick wall so far.

  struggle8 17:36 14 Mar 2004

what version of nero if 5.5 update to nero 6 no problem here nero 6 will burn dvd-rw dvd=rw dvd-r dvd=r and will play on most dvd players

  struggle8 17:39 14 Mar 2004

or he could try click here

  dazzling (work) 17:41 14 Mar 2004

whats he trying to burn ?if its films which is illegal by the way he needs dvd decrypter for dvd 5 and also pinnacle instant copy clone dvd something like that for dvd9.if its camcorder footage probably needs authouring programme to make video ts files which he should be able to burn with nero or instant copy.

  pj123 17:56 14 Mar 2004

Most domestic DVD players that I know of only play -DVD. If he has +DVD it won't work. He either needs to buy a DVD writer that is multi-write or a DVD player that is multi-read. I have a multi-read DVD player and will read - and + DVDs. I don't have a DVD writer at the moment but I am looking at buying the LG or Pioneer which are both multi-write.

  cycoze 21:12 14 Mar 2004

A new PC should have come with the correct burning software , Nero6 (full) should be capable of burning to DVD too.

Worth noting that some drive dont like certain brands of media , have you tried using a different brand ?

When you say the DVD`s are not burning correctly , do you mean there failing completley ? error messages ? do they complete and just wont play in a standalone player ? do they play on the PC ? what format are the files ?


Interesting what you have said "Most domestic DVD players that I know of only play -DVD. If he has +DVD it won't work" , i have found it the other way round , +R works better (just an observation).

Using five different standalone players (relatives), two are cheap players , two mid price (£100) and finally an expensive Denon (chipped), i found the +R will play on all of them , the -R would play on both the cheap players and one of the mid priced one`s , oddly enough the Denon handbook states the player will cope with -R and Not +R , may have something to do with the chipping.

I would be interested in any other input on the subject or sites relating to it.

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