DVD Burning Question

  mrqq 05:51 27 Nov 2005

I have tried both Norton Ghost and CD Burner XP to backup the my hard drive. Using either software, I receive a similiar error message: no media is being recongnized. In other words, the system doesn't seem to recognize the DVD.

The DVD drive is a tsstcorp CDRW/DVD TSL462C. The DVD is a DVD-R 16X 4.7GB. I have been hypothesizing that the DVD drive and the DVD are incompatable; however, I can't seem to find any specs about the DVD Drive that would tell me whether they are compatible.

1) How can I tell if they are?
2) If they are, what else could I be doing wrong?

  Skyver 06:00 27 Nov 2005

This will show what disc formats your drive supports
click here

  €dstowe 06:53 27 Nov 2005

The CD burner in XP is what it says - a CD burner. It does not burn DVDs. You need DVD burning software.

Will Norton Ghost back up to DVDs? Some backup software will not write to this medium.

Ghost may not the the best thing to use to do this operation. DriveImage or Acronis are more suited to doing backups.

  Skyver 07:14 27 Nov 2005

Additionally the term CDRW/DVD usually means it will only read DVD , not write to it....is that the case?

  g0nvs 10:17 27 Nov 2005

"Ghost"is perfect for back-ups, that's what it was made for. Writes to CD or DVD.
Why are DriveImage or Acronis more suited ?

  €dstowe 10:49 27 Nov 2005

"Why are DriveImage or Acronis more suited?" It is a matter of personal preference.

I don't know what Ghost will write to - that's why I posed my reply as a question.

DriveImage and Acronis are specifically designed for making compressed images of the backup data. I don't know if Ghost does this or not. That is why I was careful in my use of "may not" in the last sentence.

The important thing here, though, is why the image or clone is not writing to DVD. Until we get more detail from mrqq we are somewhat in limbo.

From what I can find, the particular device that is not doing as is wanted appears to be a combo drive i.e. will write CDs but not DVDs - it only reads them. It is not a well known brand or model and it's not easy to find out a lot about it.

  mrqq 01:15 28 Nov 2005

Okay, clearly one problem yesterday was that I had on only a DVD reader and not a burner. That was my daughter's computer.

However, my computer does have a DVD burner. It's a NEC DVD RW ND 3500. I decided to back-up my computer with Ghost The program starts building an image. After about 7 minutes, the DVD-R (which I know is compatible)ejects. A message pops up that says "the media is not ready. It might be write-protected. Make sure the media is inserted in to Drive D is formatted and rewriteable". Do I need to format the DVD before I start the back-up process in Ghost?

  Sharpamatt 06:52 28 Nov 2005

I only use an old version of ghost, more because of ease of use. I have never found a problem burning to either CD or DVD, and it will if required ease the disk first. asking with a prompt.

You do not need to format DVD or Cd before use, they only need to be blank.and I always use R/W discs for backups

there are many possable causes for this, your not by any chance useing roxio ( Easy CD/DVD creator ) are you?

I would suggest first full ease both your DVD and a CD, the attempt to place some files on both.( Thats if your useing RW discs you cannot ease a R disc

if there are not problems then you will know each is working, the ease them both. Remove Ghost and re install it, then try again

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