DVD Burning Problem

  redmonkey 15:30 09 Jan 2005

I've tried everything I could think of to resolve this problem, but nothing seems to work. So I was wondering if any of you wonderful people could help me out:

I'm burning from an External DVD writer - an Iomega Super DVD Writer 16X Dual-Format USB 2.0, using imation DVD+RW 4X blank DVDs.

I'm using Nero Start Smart, which takes me to Nero Vision Express, and setting the write speed at 4X to match the DVD settings.

I've burnt from both MPEGs and AVIs

The Write process goes ahead fine. The program makes all the right noises, takes a couple of hours to transcode and write the data. I can see the frames being processed as time goes by. At the end of the time I get the "successful write" message from Nero

Yet when I try to play the DVD, it doesn't work. My DVD player is fine, it plays all sorts of multi-region, VCDs, SVCDs, MPEGs - the works, so that isn't the problem

I've tried about 4 different films, on different disc, but every time I'm unable to watch the DVD.

Do I have a problem somewhere, or am I doing something obviously stupid?? Please help!!

  TomJerry 15:49 09 Jan 2005

maybe you can try to play it using PowerDVD or WinDVD

Some standard DVD players do not like RW discs. R discs are fine. I have tried and no problem with R disks, but RW discs work ok with my player not players of two of my friends.

Try one R disc, they are cheap now, cost less than 30p for quality one if buy in 25+ bulk

  pj123 16:07 09 Jan 2005

I agree with TomJerry. Your problem appears to be with DVD+RW. Try using DVD-R blanks. I have used blank "no name" and "Datawrite" -R DVDs with no problems.

  zip72 11:11 17 Jan 2005

I am attempting to make DVD filmshows of My Pictures,using Nero 6[totally up to date], to play on Tv via a domestic Dvd unit.
I am combining images + transitions+ music.
My trial disc is Memorex DVD+RW---every thing is fine.....everything writes and plays.
However...when Nero asks 'Do you wish to burn this Project again?', and I insert a Panasonic DVD-R, either the Burn ABORTS immediately, or the project appears to burn,but ABORTS at the end.
What am I missing ???ALL advice will be gratefully received.
Many thanks....Zip72

  TomJerry 12:02 17 Jan 2005

I find it is much reliable to produce disc image on HDD first when make DVDs.

With Nero, you can produce image by slect "Image Recorder" on the writer tab, right upper corner.

Once you have image ready, you can change the writer back to real DVD writer, select "Recorder" on the menu and select "Burn image".

If you do this way, you can burn the same image on different discs many many times.

  zip72 13:02 17 Jan 2005

TomJerry...Thanks for your time & advice.I shall try that in a minute and see how it goes.
But may I redirect you to my problem/question, which meant to ask if there is a critical difference between DVD+RW and DVD-R ? If the DVD+RW burns perfectly, then why might a different format fail on the follow-up burn ?
The drive is a Teac [external], and I have just spotted that it gives a Write speed of 4x for DVD+RW, and a Write speed of 8x for DVD-R.
My DVD-R discs are 1-4 Write speed----have I failed to change the Write speed? I thought the Teac/Nero would detect and apply the appropriate speed. Your thoughts.....?
By the way....'The Book of Nero6 Ultra' by Wallace Wang [No Starch Press]is a good buy from Amazon.Well, it was for me.

  TomJerry 14:18 17 Jan 2005

there are sometime strange thing we do not know because we missed something or just the writer do the trick, somtime is just the data transfer cannot keep with write, especially this can be a problem if DVD authoring is on the same time as DVD writing

this is why I always produce image on HDD first, in this way DVD authoring processor does not couple with dvd write process

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 15:10 17 Jan 2005

redmonkey silly ? but have you installed sp2 recently if so u have to do the full update on nero to get it to burn correctly

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