dvd burning and playing standalone dvd

  m-221519 18:06 30 Nov 2004

Burnt some files on to a dvd+rw and it would play in my standalone player.Tried to burn a movie made up from vob files and the player would not play it.Using dvd shrink to rip movie.Is there something that needs doing to the vob files.The movie will play on my computer fine.The files that would play in my standalone were video files,not vob.So the dvd+rw disc cannot be at fault just the vob files.Any ideas.

  mighty_mondo 21:02 30 Nov 2004

i dont have a dvd burner so i was asking last week how to burn stuff on a CD-R to play on my DVD player, i was advised to convert them to MPEG1 to make a VCD.
Not sure this is going to be much help to you

  TomJerry 21:37 30 Nov 2004

dvd-r disks have beter compitablity in my expereience

It is kind of tricky one to answer.

A "VOB" file contains the videa, audio and subtitle information. Assuming the video is home made, then it would have started out as MPEG2. The DVD specification insists that a movie file is 1 GB in size and if your home made video was 1 GB or less you would end up with 1 VOB file. If it was 4GBs in size then you would have 4 VOB files. The are named 1,2,3 and 4. They play back seamlesly on the DVD player.

However, to get from a normal MPEG2 file to a VOB file the video must be authored. This in reality means you have to use a program like , Sonic MYDVD, Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Encore or DVD Architect (or Nero Vision Express) to add you MPEG clips to it, this will make a selection menu for you and the compile the DVD structure for you.

The structure will include special files called IFOs and BUPs which tell the DVD player what is on the disk, also what order to play the files in etc etc.

Just adding loads of VOBs will merely confuse the DVD player, and it will play nothing. The VOBs must be numbered correctly and differently.

Hope this helps, but as for the PLUS or MINUS arguement, forget it, as you already know DVD+RW works ofr you. Its the structure and content that are incorrect.

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