DVD Burning error

  Ice Junkie 15:36 30 Dec 2003

I got this error when trying to burn a DVD, what do I need to change in order to burn this correctly? It plays on my PC but not on a home DVD player because if I continue I get messages saying it may encounter problems!!

Help would be MUCH appreciated!!!!

backup file 'VTS_01_0.BUP' should be identical to 'VTS_01_0.IFO'

  billyliv 16:31 30 Dec 2003

Hi,If you are burning to 'DVD RW'( You dont say which format you are burning ie. + or -) Mostly it will only play on the machine it was burnt on. If you are burning 'DVD R' the disc will not play on a home DVD until it has been Finalised. More details on which burner you are burning to are required. Cheers, Bill

  Ice Junkie 16:41 30 Dec 2003

Sorry, I am using DVD-r's, Datasafe with ritek dye! This is the only DVD I have had problems with because it was obtained from another source.

Nero tells me that the DVD will not copy correctly and displays that error, I am using a Lite On 8x DVD Burner with Nero 6.


  rickf 16:50 30 Dec 2003

also depends on your standalone dvd player. I have just bought a cheapee which plays any format you throw at it.

  Ice Junkie 16:55 30 Dec 2003

My home DVD player is a £300 Pioneer DV-530, well £300 2 years ago!

The error says that 2 files should be indentical and there not, I need to know how to make them the same!!

  chrisinireland 17:43 31 Dec 2003

I have had the same problems b4
i got it fixed but, if u need any advice on burning dvds contact me on [email protected]

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