fox-knight 21:16 23 Oct 2005

hi all,
Hopefully some1 can sort this 1 for me.

Recently been bought an external dvdwriter for my birthday (emprex dual layer 16x) & some nice blank dvds (logik 1-8x). I tried to burn a few things but failed, later relising that i need usb 2.0 (not1.0). So i've now upgraded to 2.0 but im still having issues burning.

When i burn a dvd, it burns perfect but on playback i get lots of pixelation & eventually a screen freeze, this normally happens about 80% through whatever ive copied, it doesnt matter what length!!!

I have tried burning at lower speed (4x), and this helps sometimes,

i have upgarded the firmware on my dvd writer & am using the latest addition of nero. (7)

Does any1 know how i can get better results at the higher speed?

Is it simply the disks?

Sorry about the long post but i wanna get this right

thanks in advance


  keith-236785 21:58 23 Oct 2005

I use cheap computer fair DVD's so i wouldnt think its a disk issue, i have two internal dvd writers and can write to either. i use Ulead DVD Movie factory to create my movies. and Nero Burning Ultra Edition V6.6.0.16 for copying discs. copies are ok and playable in any dvd player i have got.

my initial thought is with the USB connection, if you are using a USB hub, it might not have enough power (or maybe you have a lot of other things connected via USB)

If the USB upgrade is via a PCI-USB 2.0 card then you should be ok with the power bit.

usb hubs are notoriously bad when connecting items that draw the power from the pc instead of their own power source ie speakers or USB mice/keyboard etc.... if you have lots of USB items attached, unplug what you can and try again

ps. i use Logik CD/RW and Traxdata DVD/RW to test out a burn before doing for real so if it goes wrong then i can just erase the disc and try again. might be worth a try.

one last point, have a look at DVD shrink, its free and will copy DVD's quicker and easier than Nero, it also shrinks a Bought DVD down to a size that will fit on a normal 4.3gig dvd disc.

good luck

  splork 22:23 23 Oct 2005

Do you mean DVD movies, burned to DVD, watched on a DVD player? Or DVD movies watched via Windows?

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