DVD Burning

  LesT 20:09 04 Jul 2005

I want to burn a film to DVD, using Sonic Record. When i try to do the burn using a 4.7GB DVD-R, it says the project is too large. Do i need to use a dual layer disc?, or is there a program to compress the film? According to the Properties section the film is only 191MB in size.
Thanks in advance.

  Joe R 20:13 04 Jul 2005

looks like the burner is set to "CD", instead of "DVD", not sure about the software you're using, never having used it, but in Nero there is a drop down box in the second last stage, where you can change your burn options.

I'm pretty certain there will be a setting somewhere in Sonic to change this option.

  pj123 23:07 04 Jul 2005

What sort of film is it? 191mb seems awfully small to me. You should be able to get up to 2 hours 50 minutes on a 4.7gb DVD. I use Sonic MyDVD and have just about got a complete 3 hour VHS video tape transferred to DVD.

  ashdav 00:12 05 Jul 2005

what file extension is the film you want to burn in?

  LesT 09:49 05 Jul 2005

The film is Shark Tale, i've compressed it down to 191MB. I'm also using Sonic MyDVD, but it shows in the bottom left hand corner -154.2MB.

  Sans le Sou 10:35 05 Jul 2005

can you start again and explain where the film came from ,download etc and what sort of file it was in before you compressed it. Do you still have it in its original form. As the others have said this file size is microscopic for a film.

  LesT 11:05 05 Jul 2005

I will check later on, but i don't think i have the film in it's original state. I've thought all along the size is too small, which makes it even stranger that i can't burn it to DVD.

  LesT 11:09 08 Jul 2005

I've since installed DVD Santa. Converts from AVI to DVD & then burns it to disc. Works a dream. Give it a try (free trial).
My original film (191Mb), i think it must have been corrupted or something, have since done 2 using DVD Santa.
Thanks to everyone who answered my post.

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