DVD Burning

  wonderwill 08:50 14 Mar 2004

Help!! Just bought a shiny new 2.0Ghtz Evesham complete with LG Burner PinNacle instant CD/DVD software.
First avi film I try to burn converted to DVD -R at 5% per hour and then did nothing beyond 24%. I tried again and exactly the same happened. Trying to convert and then burn to DVD -R using Pinnacle expression. Any ideas why? Better and faster software?

  toptom3 09:43 14 Mar 2004

i use cucusoft avi to vcd,svcd dvd,it doe,s the lot

  AlanHo 09:46 14 Mar 2004

If you ordered the computer as a package complete with the DVD burner and Pinnacle software - I am confident that Evesham will sort out the problem.

My advice would be be to scrap Pinnacle and go for Nero 6.Its far mor reliable and wont produce 'coasters'. You can buy it very cheap on ebay click here

  g0nvs 10:07 14 Mar 2004

DVD Shrink (FREE) & Nero 6 .Simple to use & Good results.

  bremner 10:11 14 Mar 2004

The general concensus is that Pinnacle is not a particularly efficient DVD/CD burning package.

As others have said Nero 6 is a complete and comprehensive package which is well worth investing in.

Another similarly named magazine did a group test on this type of software and Nero6 won hands down.

  wonderwill 12:41 14 Mar 2004

Re response that I should use Nero 6 rather than Pinnacle, I have a version of Nero 6 and it is not recognising the the files that I wish to burn to DVD. The file extension properties are:

Video compression DiVx codec

Audio MPEG Layer-3

  keverne 21:53 14 Mar 2004

I think that Instant CD/DVD is a complete and utter waste of time and money.
Just have a look at the forums click here# and you'll see that there's a lot of people supporting my views.

  stalion 22:01 15 Mar 2004

if nero is no good for you try MyDVD it will convert any format and burn it.
Second the downfall of Pinnacle so many problems for users

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