DVD burners NEWBIE!! which one to buy???

  goose1984 20:08 16 Jul 2004

Hiya all I am looking to spend around £50 on a DVD burner but when I browse a couple of sites I get blasted with some "tech chat" that I am not entirly sure about.

1) DVD R & DVD R/W - What does this mean???

2) Whats the difference between + & - and some offer both is that good??

3) Whats DVD Ram???

4) Is there anything else I should look out for or know??

5) Can anyone suggest a couple of burners that have good reviews

Thanx In Advance

  stalion 20:16 16 Jul 2004

there is an excellent offer on dabs at the moment
click here it also supports dual layer burning

  spuds 20:25 16 Jul 2004

You may pick up a few tips from click here

At present I am looking at a shortlist of four burners from ebuyer.All with good reviews. Three LG's and one NEC. Check out ebuyer click here and use Quickfind codes 58356-58481-60555-60872. All of those are low budget price, but with good specifications for my needs. I'll probably settle for the LG[60555]unless someone knows better!.

  Sans le Sou 20:40 16 Jul 2004

On the PC Pro recommended list this issue (119), I would get one if they came in black.

  stalion 20:46 16 Jul 2004

yes I would also be interested but going to wait a bit longer,only purchased my current dvd burner from dabs 5 months ago

  cga 21:06 16 Jul 2004

Those with an R at the end are a write once standard. Those with R/W are a multiple write standard. The + & - in the middle are different recording standards. DVD-RAM is yet another standard that is mainly specific to Panasonic and is going out of fashion.
The confusion is somewhat eased as most good DVD writers handle a wide range of these standards (but mostly do not handle DVD-RAM).
If you are burning DVD's you will find that some software offers you better options with +R or +R/W.

  leo49 22:41 16 Jul 2004

The NEC 2510 does come in black - I bought a black one from Ebuyer for £51 on special offer 10 days ago - current price at Ebuyer £53 inc vat.[code - 62809]

  Dumble452 23:13 16 Jul 2004

Pleased with this, it handles DVD-RAM as well (not that I've used this format yet) so perhaps I should say allegedly. See its dropped in price since I bought mine
click here

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