Dvd burner is it easy to connect to computer

  pat-212841 16:13 10 Jun 2005

I i want to buy a dvd burner if i buy a external one is it easy to connect it to my computer ?I live out in the middle of no where so do most of my shopping on the web i have seen a good burner LG dual layer but havnt a clue how to wire it up will it just be a usb cable ? many thanks .

  dan11 16:28 10 Jun 2005


If you get an external burner. You just connect it to a usb slot and plug in the mains adaptor.

Make sure you install the software first before you plug it into the usb slot.

Internal burners are cheaper and easy to install, but they do not have the portability of an external drive.

Good luck and happy burning.

  pat-212841 16:33 10 Jun 2005

Thanks dan11 i think i stick with external i already opened up my tower to put in more ram and hoover it out ,i dont want to go in there again !!

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 16:34 10 Jun 2005

10 easy steps to install a dvd burner.1 buy a dvd burner. 2 turn of pc. 3 open side pannel on pc .4 remove old cd drive normally held in with two screws. 5 unplug leads at rear of drivr.6 replace with dvd burner.7 plug leads back in correct slots.8 screww back in . 9 close pc case .10 turn pc on it should recognise drive load software away you go.much more reliable than an external drive.

  pat-212841 16:38 10 Jun 2005

SurfMonkey _#:@}™ No way its a woman trying to do this i always put wires in the wrong way,Ikea furniture well i am left with enough wood and screws to make another computer table ,thanks but if it just means plugging in a usb cable and downloading the software i can do that .

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