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  alanstan 12:37 29 Aug 2005

Hi, Could someone please help me?? When I burn(copy) a dvd from my desk top pc I never get a problem But when I burn(copy) from my laptop via a usb ext burner I get 50% failure, I have tried slowing the burn down to 4 speed and useing the best discs but still get problems,
I have also noticed that when useing my laptop it burns faster at 4 speed than my desk top will at 8 speed, could this be something to do with the dvd rom on my laptop being faster than my desktop?? if so can i slow the rom down?? as I am quite a novice some help would be much appreciated...thanks Alan

  BigMoFoT 12:49 29 Aug 2005

Interesting problem - could be a few things.

1.) The connection between the external writer and the laptop. Most writers require USB2 or Firewire because of the speeds and size of data involved. Do you have USB2? If so look for any updated chipset/USB drivers.
2.) Secondly try defragging your harddrive. This will make it easier for the burning program to pull the data from your harddrive.
3.) Could be a hardware issue, faulty cable or faulty drive.

In terms of burning speeds this depends on the speed your drives will write at, not read.
We'll probably need some more info - makes/brands of disks used, software involved and manufacturers of the drives you have.

  alanstan 13:34 29 Aug 2005

Thanks BigMo but I don`t think I am using the hard drive as I am going straight from the dvd rom through Nero Burn into the external/usb burner and as the lap top is only 6 months old I think all the usb ports(4) are usb2 and I have Disckeeper 9 installed which automaticly de-fragments the hard drive once a week, I still cannot understand how my laptop burning at 4 speed burns faster than my desktop burning at 8 speed(Pioneer 108) and if I try burning at 8 speed with my laptop I get about 80% failure,
I am currently using the gold colour Sunvision blank dvds..............

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