DVD Burner burns DVD-R but not DVD+R

  prycey 22:45 02 May 2006

ay ideas why? when trying to burn a dvd+r, it gets to about 30% and gives me an error. i can burn dvd-r's fine, however. any ideas? much appreciated

  terryf 22:46 02 May 2006

Check the spec of your burner, I have an idea that some wont burn both types but stand to be corrected

  prycey 22:50 02 May 2006

ahh, sorry, what do you mean by 'spec' (specifications?) and how do i do this? sorry, not much good with computers! cheers

  terryf 22:58 02 May 2006

find out the maker and model number by right click on my computer, select properties, click on hardware tab then choose device manager. This gives you a list of your hardware, click on dvd/cd rom drives and you will see the info, go to google and type in the name, model and the word 'specification' without the inverted commas. this should get you a spec for the drive which will tell you what it is capable of

  prycey 23:04 02 May 2006

it shows two;

VQ7112N ZUL806R SCSI CdRom Device

  Stuartli 23:04 02 May 2006

IIRC some drives may require a firmware update to cope with higher speed disks (will be available on the manufacturer's website; however if you are unsure about doing this, don't. It could mean a drive fit only for the dustbin).

If you sitll have the box or manual for your drive it will list the specifications and the type of disks it will handle.

Otherwise terryf's advice should be followed.

  Stuartli 23:05 02 May 2006

The first one is the rewriter.

  Totally-braindead 23:08 02 May 2006

Either as terryf has said your DVD burner will not burn to + disks only to - disks or, the burner doesn't like the particular make of disk you are using. If its the latter then dropping the speed of burning may help as might changing the brand of disks.

Once you identify your DVD burner go to the website of the manufacturer of the drive. there it will tell you what kinds of disks your drive will burn and it will probably give you the names of the recommended disks. These are just the ones they have tried and have worked ok, just because you are using a disk that isn't on the list doesn't mean it won't burn ok. Its a bit of trial and error with some disks I'm afraid. I was lucky I suppose, the first ones I bought for mine worked perfectly and because of that I just stick with them.

  Stuartli 23:09 02 May 2006

Apparently it's a rebadged Samsung or Toshiba rewriter but there's not much on Google about it..:-(

If it's a component of a system you have bought, try the system manufacturer's website for support.

  Stuartli 23:10 02 May 2006

It seems this is the link required:

click here

(See: click here)

  prycey 23:18 02 May 2006

oh cool thanks. the one at the bottom is aTSSTcorpCD/DVDW TS-L532A, my one is a TSSTcorpCD/DVDW TS-L532U - does it matter i use the "U"'s firmware?

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