DVD Burner

  peterleemaxwell 23:05 20 Mar 2003

I'm thinking of buying a DVD+ burner. The question I would like to ask is, would it
be possible to copy 'on-the-fly' using
my DVD-rom? I only ask for copying dvd's
that I own and do not and will not pirate!
I understand there is limitations such as
the blank dvd+, being 4.7? Ghz. I havn't
bought it yet and I would like advice on
the format of DVD+. Thank You.

  TOMMO01 23:12 20 Mar 2003

No its not possible to write on the fly to copy a DVD. DVD movie are protected.

As to the format, it depends on what format your DVD player will support.

I use a Philips DVD+RW228 with a Philips 711 standalone.

  peterleemaxwell 23:15 20 Mar 2003

Thanks TOMMOO1

  rickf 23:46 20 Mar 2003

I concur. The Philips228 is excellent and prices are coming down. If you are looking for cheap +RWs go to click here 10 in individual cases for £21.

  peterleemaxwell 09:15 21 Mar 2003

Thanks ricf.
I was just thinking, if I copied the DVD to the hard drive would it then copy it complete with all the 'extras' to a blank DVD+ disk?

  rickf 12:51 21 Mar 2003

Yes, if you have the right software. Iassume you mean movies and extra features. Look hereclick here

  peterleemaxwell 13:35 21 Mar 2003

Hi rickf,
Thanks for your advice. I wanted to copy DVD's I own as back-up, incase any damage came to them. I have a collection of very difficult to find old films on DVD.

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