DVD burner

  drums 18:23 10 Feb 2004

I'm looking to go for a DVD burner and have seen one by BTC which does + & -, up to 8 speed on the +, has anyone ever heard of this company, do they make good gear?


  caast©? 19:15 10 Feb 2004

Never heard of them but there is plenty of other burners out on the web at reasonable prices

I got MSI before Xmas havn't had a moments problem Dual +/- and 4x write £95

MSI I had heard of as they do some reasonable Motherboards which I have also used.

  961 19:59 10 Feb 2004

Try reviews and forum at click here

You'll be at it for hours but you do find out which ones have problems

I ended up with the Pioneer from Novatech at about £80 and it seems to work fine

  Bapou 21:01 10 Feb 2004

I use Pioneer 106, excellent.

Read about about it: click here

  MidgetMan 21:27 10 Feb 2004

I use the optorit 201 burns at upto 4x, mind you you have to flash the firmware to latest ver (currently 2.5) before you can make full use of it, cost me a few duff discs before i found this out.

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