dvd blank

  bfc_tangerine 21:30 13 Jul 2004

I have successfully copied a dvd film onto a blank dvd disk with no problems. A couple of days later my dvd writer will not recognise and dvd rom blank disks. It keeps on spinning and when I come to burn the data an error message appears saying "please insert blank dvd". It plays dvd disks without a problem and it will burn to cd rom. I have tried restarting the computer, uninstalling the writer and reinstalling it. The writer was sold to me as a dvd +/- but the website for downloading drivers only has - or + drivers, not -/+. Not sure if it could be drivers or anything else...? I am running XP and using Nero 6.0 to burn.

Anyone any suggestions please...thanks !!!

  Ive 21:53 13 Jul 2004

What is burner make and what make are blank dvds

  bfc_tangerine 21:57 13 Jul 2004

burner is dual and blanks are bulkpaq and datawrite, won't accept either sort of disks.

  Ive 22:00 13 Jul 2004

what make is your dvd writer

  Ive 22:10 13 Jul 2004

waiting for your writer make

  bfc_tangerine 22:12 13 Jul 2004

the writer came from pc world and is the blank white box variety! the sticker on the box says 8x +/- dvd ual compact drive and the front of the burner says dual. no typos there! the website for driver updates is drvupdate.com

  Ive 22:20 13 Jul 2004

Without knowing the make its a bit awkward.Sounds like the burner does not like those blank DVDs.What colour is the label on the datawrite ones.

  bfc_tangerine 22:30 13 Jul 2004

red, and it has burnt successfully on two. didn't try the bulkpaq ones til after the problem had started.

  Ive 22:32 13 Jul 2004

Go here click here and type in top box name of DVD blank (eg Bulkpaq)and hit enter for info on discs.

  bfc_tangerine 22:33 13 Jul 2004

nb. between burning the good disks and this problem windows media player 9.0 didn't fire up from the shortcut. uninstalled and reinstalled player and it solved it. don't know if this has anything to do with it...sorry just remembered.

  Ive 22:39 13 Jul 2004

I bought the RED ones at weekend and writer threw them out. The shop I got them in rated them good so I took them back and complained and they tried them in shop DVD writer and it failed to recognise them.Got full refund.

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