DVD Backups

  ste_bla 10:08 22 Oct 2004

NOTE: Right first off i am NOT a dvd pirate, i BOUGHT/LEGALLY OWN my dvds.

I own a whole load of dvd's and wish to view them off my harddrive and also copy them to make backups for personal use only.

Does anyone know of such programs?

  MAJ 10:27 22 Oct 2004

You know it is illegal to "backup" your DVDs, (unless they're of your own creation) even if you have bought them, ste_bla?

Try DVDShrink, though, if you own the copyright. click here

  JonnyTub 10:29 22 Oct 2004

Hello mr blackbeard (just kidding :-))
I would have thought some kind of virtual disk setup might be applicable here, if not try click here and look at the product on the right, read the spec, never used it but it claims to be able to copy your dvd's to hd and allow you to play them from there, quite why you'd want to...........

  scotty 10:41 22 Oct 2004

Most commercial DVDs are dual layer and contain more than the 4.7GB that you can fit on to a standard recordable DVD. This means you cannot simply copy the DVD. The program suggested by MAJ will decode the DVD and then re-encode it at a lower quality such that it will fit on a recordable DVD. The quality achieved is perfectly acceptable and I would be surprised if you notice the difference.

Have a look at this site for further information click here

click here takes you directly to the guides for DVD back-up.

  ste_bla 23:00 22 Oct 2004

i have a dual layer dvd writer and i would love to see the public uproar if someone was sued copying their bought dvd's has anyone been sued over making video backups?

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