DVD to AV sound problems

  sjd224 19:17 23 Dec 2007

I have a Sony HXD870 recorder, coupled to a Sony STR-DB985D AV receiver. They are connected for digital sound by a coax cable. When playing a DVD, every now and then there is a short pause, then the sound loses sync with the picture by no more than a second or so. It can be stopped by stopping or pausing the DVD disc and restarting, but will usually come back again. Help? There is no HDMI connection on the back of the AV, and no optical on the back of the DVD, so a coax is all I can use other than analogue. The DVD is connected to a Samsung plasma TV. Is there an adjustment I'm missing?

  skidzy 20:03 23 Dec 2007

Are you sure its not the dvd player itself at fault ?

Does this happen if you connect the dvd player directly to the rgb ? leaving the av receiver out for now.

  MCE2K5 20:19 23 Dec 2007

Are the DVD's Original or Backups.

  eedcam 23:02 23 Dec 2007

I fyou are certain the sync is corrected when you stop start and you have'nt jus hit a spot thats in sync then afraid it may be the nature of the beast .Have aread of this
click here

  MCE2K5 00:47 24 Dec 2007

Have you tried playing the DVD's straight from Sony HXD870 to the TV without the Sony STR-DB985D AV receiver Connected, i.e Sound out of TV.

  sjd224 21:02 25 Dec 2007

Sorry about late reply, my e-mail having problems.
1) The DVD player worked OK with a diferent set-up in a different room. I don't use the AV to boost the video signal via RGB. I only switch it on when I'm watching a DVD that uses OTT sound effects.
2) All the DVD's I'm trying are original, bought recordings.
3)There are no problems when the DVD plays straight to the TV. They are connected via HDMI.
4) I checked out that Felston gadget, but it's not a predictable problem. It happens, for no reason, then goes away when I pause or stop/start the DVD.
I'm beginning to suspect a faulty digital coax cable. Anyone ever heard this as being likely? As soon as the shops open, I'm going to have to get another.

  MCE2K5 21:12 25 Dec 2007

"I'm beginning to suspect a faulty digital coax cable": Highly Probable.

That would be 1 possable elimination.

  sjd224 18:25 27 Dec 2007

Changed the cable today. The one I bought looks more like I would expect a coax cable, digital or not, to look. Chunky, typical TV aerial cable, but good quality connectors at each end. So far, so good, but time will tell. The one I've taken off, that's been causing (I think) all of the problems, is thinner, and the wording on the cable says "subwoofer interconnect/twisted pair geometry/ofc conductors". Did I have the wrong cable? Is this a standard RCA connector? If that is the case, should I go back and fire bomb the local Sony centre who sold it to me 3 years ago? Suggestions and advice please.

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