dvd audio problem when played on pc (wmp)

  theDarkness 01:22 23 Jan 2006

Can anyone help? I try and play a normal movie dvd disc on the pc but half the sound is missing... eg I can hear the background in all films (eg car noises/crowds etc) still in stereo sound from both speakers, but the main speech track is missing as main characters talk. I'm using windows media player, havent tried any others- although my normal non pc dvd player works fine. Ive checked the volume and audio controls on the system menu, and audio track selection on the played discs, but it remains the same!? cheers :O

  theDarkness 01:52 23 Jan 2006

ok this is odd, ive installed windvd, and now I can play the dvds on both players with full audio :)

??? perhaps something in wmp was corrupt that windvd managed to reinstall, Im not sure

  Taff™ 06:25 23 Jan 2006

You were missing a codec which WinDVD then installed. Resolved it yourself though - well done!

  Stuartli 10:21 23 Jan 2006

You have to have a software or hardware DVD decoder to use WMP for playing DVDs - you've supplied it..:-)

  theDarkness 14:22 23 Jan 2006

It's just strange that dvds always worked before when played in wmp, and then out of the blue half the sound disappears as some decoder/codec or whatever goes missing!? :( lol

Hmm- perhaps I could have added problems when having too many players on one pc? I have winamp (old version), windvd and wmp still installed. Windvd states that it works best when other players such as wmp are ALSO installed as it can somehow use their resources, not sure about winamp (uninstalling anyway as I no longer use it). Thing is, when all the above were initially installed together, everything worked fine so perhaps that wasnt the cause, but I cant thing of anything else.. well, I DID recently defragment the hard drive, even if everything else was still working before I noticed any audio weirdness? ...not sure...

cheers for replies :D

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