DVD Audio Problem

  Mr D 09:26 26 Dec 2004

I can't get any audio when I play DVD's. I use Win Media Player 10 which plays MP3's and CD's ok. It plays the DVD video but I get no sound. I,ve checked all the sound options in XP. (I have XP Pro + SP2)

Same problem occurs if I use Nero Show Time? I have 2 DVD capable drives, both have the same problem. I gues that audio is decoded in the PC, so arrives at mother board on the ribbon cable not the audio cable from the DVD Drive? If this is the case then the video is being decoded but not the audio, why?

I have installed WM9 Codecs and tried various plugins but no matter what I can't get any sound at all.

  Stuartli 10:10 26 Dec 2004

Is DMA enabled for your drive; also that digital sound is enabled in CD playback?

  Mr D 10:21 26 Dec 2004

Not sure how to enable DMA the drive has digital sound enabled

  ACOLYTE 10:39 26 Dec 2004

click here

This filter should get you sound for dvd's

  ACOLYTE 10:41 26 Dec 2004

click here

nice forum if you get stuck.

  Mr D 10:51 26 Dec 2004


Thanks, downloaded and worked first time

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