dv,avi or mpeg1

  blue 16:18 27 Sep 2003

can anyone please tell me what capture i should use to make a vcd from my digitalcam i have tried mpeg1 avi and dv formats on the ulead video studio6 but the picture is poor on all 3 and the sound is very poor on mpeg

  sacsyd 17:27 27 Sep 2003


  LAP 17:34 27 Sep 2003

Are you using win xp? If so try Windows movie maker 2. If not ain't got a clue.

  blue 18:12 27 Sep 2003

ok thanks for that but where can i get lifeview
sacsyd and lap i`ve tried moviemaker still get poor picture quality

  billy 18:31 27 Sep 2003

From a question I asked in this forum and from other threads I gather that avi recorded on the camcorder is the best quality, then MPEG as on a commerical DVD is next in quality, then others get gradually worse owing to greater compressions used. My avi on the camcorder if I playback on a PC or TV looks brilliant, but if I transfer to PC then convert to another format (cannot do DVD) does look noticably worse. To give you some idea a VCD looks even worse that a VHS tape.I don't have your software but the software I have does have different compressions, including a compressed avi. It may be that you have set up the codecs (software that compress the picture) to a high compression i.e. poor quality. However, yoou should be able to plug your camcorder int your PC and playback fromt eh camcorder. that should look good

  blue 18:53 27 Sep 2003

yeh billy when i am capturing from my digital cam onto my pc everything is fine it is only when i turn it into a videofile allbeit avi,mpeg or dv (as you mention the compression)then when igo to burn-it it encodes the file and comes out like a video tape thats been used 100 times

  sacsyd 19:42 27 Sep 2003

lifeview is bundled with flyview capture card fron pc world. I have tried other far more expensive gear and had results as you described.only problem with lifeview is growing old changing from mpeg to vcd but results are worth waiting for.

  y_not 20:08 27 Sep 2003

Capture as an AVI then convert to MPEG2.

Best (free) encoder is TMPGEnc click here

  billy 21:22 27 Sep 2003

blue - I started a thread about compression (see below) and got some helpful explanations that basically said teh avi on a camcorder is a high data rate. to burn onto a disc (DVD or CD) a higher compression and lower quality is used. If teh avi data rate was used i guess you would get 10 minutes on a CD. The short answer seemed to be you cannot retain camcorder quality when putting onto any disc unless you have real pro and expensive gear.

click here

  Chegs ® 23:11 27 Sep 2003

I load into pc as an .avi,add titles,etc in MovieMaker2(freebie d/l off M$)then use TEMPGenc to convert to MPEG2,then use TEMPGenc DVD Author to burn onto DVD.The DVD's playback as good as the original.If your burning to VCD,then the playback will be much lower quality.I tried an experiment,I loaded the video footage as WMPlayer,then converted that back to .AVI(filesize was 56MBs in WMP and 10GB's AVI)then burned it onto a DVD using TEMPGenc,the result was "blocky" playback,with various "scenes" seeming to freeze(just the software encoding producing multiple frames from one frame of WMP)but actually one scene repeated for upto 20 seconds.The VCD's your viewing are displaying onto your screen in a similar fashion to old movies on TV.

  stlucia 08:50 29 Sep 2003

I did something similar to Chegs a while back -- same movie made into VCD and DVD in order to compare quality.

The VCD was acceptable; and the DVD was as good as original. But, the reason for my posting here is that in the software I use (Pinnacle DV) there are four different standards of MPEG1 recording, depending on whether you're putting it onto CD, VHS, VCD, or SVCD. Maybe the default MPEG1 encoding your software uses is not the optimum for VCD.

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