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DV500 video editing download V4.5 problem

  Trikie 20:29 27 Jun 2003

My 18 month old PC was built primarily for video editing, with XP, Adobe Premiere 6 and Pinnacle DV500. No problem till I somehow removed DV500 when deleting 18 months of old TitleDeko titles.

Supplier said re-load with original disc which was V3.0 This upset XP and I had to delete it. Supplier then said they probably didn't use that when building but used their own, and pointed me to Pinnacles website to download V4.5 and its patch.

However, the download is in German. I phoned Pinnacle, they have no idea why, but are willing to send me the download on a DVD. Not ideal as I haven't got DVD.

Does anyone know of any other website that has this download? (or any other ideas that might help)

Baby language please - I'm only into basic video editing and word processing.

  Trikie 22:44 28 Jun 2003

Thanks DD.

Thinking more about how I got here I can put it down to my supplier who used installed a version of DV500 that was compatible with XP but gave me the disc for an earlier non-compatible version.

Can I reasonably go back to them and ask them to put it right? Does it work this way in the computer world?

  Trikie 21:01 03 Jul 2003

Have been back to my supplier and after a lengthy phone call talking me through places I didn't know existed we (they) successfully re-installed Version 3.0

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