dv to pc

  nobbie 19:51 09 Mar 2004

hi all, this is aquestion for a mate, he has a DV camcorder and a firewire card installed + lead,BUT, how does he transfer the video from camcorder to pc to enable him to copy them to disc, he is running windows ME, does he need specific software to do this or is there something already in windows ME that he can use/

  bremner 19:56 09 Mar 2004

Yes he will need a video capture program like Pinnacle Studio or similar

  nobbie 20:09 09 Mar 2004

is there anything in NERO 5 that would do the job and allow to make a video cd

  bremner 20:54 09 Mar 2004

Nero 6 certainly does.

I am unsure whether 5 may have "direct to disk" recording.

I don't recall any capture or editing facilities.

This might help click here

  nobbie 16:15 10 Mar 2004

can anyone recommend a good (and simple) video capture program to use, dont suppose that there are any freebees about, but the cheaper the better

  stlucia 16:26 10 Mar 2004

Pinnacle Studio is, in my opinion, good and simple to use. I've seen it advertised at PC World for about £49. That was some time ago, and I believe the current version is called Pinnacle 8.

  JerryJay 16:29 10 Mar 2004

Ulead VideoStudio 7.0 very easy to use, rated top budget package in a few magazine (PC & Video).
You can get it from Amazon for £39.99.

You can download a fully working trial version from Ulead: click here

  MichelleC 16:33 10 Mar 2004

A free one is here click here I've not used but heard it's not bad.

  bremner 19:24 10 Mar 2004

Pinnacle is now on Version 9.

Version 8 can be had on Amazon for little more than £20

  nobbie 19:32 10 Mar 2004

plenty to choose

  Smiler 19:32 10 Mar 2004

Using Pinnacle studio 8 very good for downloading rendering and making DVD's. Checked out Pinnacle studio 9 but there doesn't seem to be anything worth making the upgrade so if you can obtain 8 at a resonable price I would recommend that.

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