DV editing problems

  kenzy 10:06 03 Feb 2005

PC spec. amd 2800+ , 512mb ram, 120gb hhd. xp sp2

Just bought my first dv camcorder and decided to use the Pinnacle 8 software that came bundled with my pc to edit my first, less than epic ,production.Before my first attempt I defragged the pc and closed down all progs.During editing I kept getting error reports coming up and the progamme closing. I reinstalled the software but it made no difference.Reading previous threads it would seem that if I upgraded to v9 at just under £40 that should do it.Any ideas or suggestions please?

  [email protected] 10:20 03 Feb 2005

Hi kenzy. I am using the bundled Studio8 and like it. Have you been to the site for the update to 8 [updates free to version 8.12.7. I think the bundled version is 8.4.SE build 113] - it's a big improvement on stability and I am getting good results with a PC of similar spec. Good luck.

  kenzy 10:30 03 Feb 2005

Yes I've done the update to 8.12.7. I really like the software and would like to keep it as I find it easy to use.Although I can produce good results ,it is annoying that these error messages keep popping up out of the blue.I then restart the software and take up where I left off.Possibly it conflicts with something else on my pc?

  jhip 11:10 03 Feb 2005

I have been using the Pinnaacle studio since version 7 and I found that running the performance enhancer found under tools helped considerably .Having two hard drives ,one for the prog and the other to store captured video also is advised.If you have problems wtth capture it helps to turn"Capture preview" off as this uses quite a bit of resources. I now use Ver 9 with 1Gb of ram and the prog runs smoothly More memory the better with Pinnacle.
Hope this helps

  kenzy 11:24 03 Feb 2005

Thanks, I'll give the performance enhancer a go.

  [email protected] 12:59 03 Feb 2005

agree completely with jhip. For the short time I had 1gb of memory [see another thread!], Studio8 ran smooth as silk. I use the enhancer too [after going back to 512mb of ram because the barrette I received had to be returned u/s] and it improved considerably. Rendering just takes a bit longer that's all. I also disable my AV and a couple of other unnecessary bits which usually run in the background. Seems a good tip for just about everything ;-)

  kenzy 19:12 03 Feb 2005

Thanks for all the help. Just edited a 30 min clip without a hitch, although it was very slow. I suppose to improve speed I had better get some extra memory?

  €dstowe 19:19 03 Feb 2005

WinDVD Creator is less of a resource hog, less prone to crashing and altogether easier to use than the Pinnacle product.

click here

There is also Ulead DVD Moviefactory that may be worth a look

click here

  kenzy 07:36 04 Feb 2005

Thought about this overnight and have decided to buy more RAM as this will benefit the system generally and then see if this cures my editing speed. Will look at alternative products later if problem persists.I Appreciate all the help.

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