dv capture programme

  User-AF7CB573-9FE2-4318-B7E77F6641C8BFB7 13:22 02 Mar 2005

At the moment using nero6 but at times it drops frames,have tried demo programme pinnacle 9 this is o/k but as I edit my video's on Casablanca I only need a capture and burn to dvd any suggestions please

  GroupFC 14:28 02 Mar 2005

If you are using XP you can capture with windows moviemaker.

But I could not find where to burn to dvd and Nero will not open this from movie maker

  stlucia 16:44 02 Mar 2005

Why does Nero drop frames? It's usually because other applications are running in the background, and using up resources. Check that every other program is shut down before you want to capture dv.

What is your PC spec? Another reason is that the processor is not up to it. This is unlikely with a reasonably modern PC. I use Pinnacle with a 600Mhz processor, and no problems.

I have no problem with pinnacle or Movie edit both are on a trial for 30days but are both editing programmes even with everything shut down Nero still drop frames
my computer is a 3year old Mesh 266 MHZ I also record to an external hard drive with usb2 I have removed the nero and downloaded the latest 6.6 version still drop frames must be the programme

  stlucia 13:11 03 Mar 2005

I suspect that 266Mhz is too slow for capturing full-quality DV in real time without lost frames.

Opinion on this forum in the past has been that my 600Mhz machine is marginal (though it works fine with Pinnacle for me), so I'm surprised you've had success with Pinnacle and Movie Editor (unless you mean 2660Mhz).

My computer is a Mesh Athlon XP 1800+CPu (266 MHZ)

  john-232317 14:09 03 Mar 2005

Have a look at this link

click here

Thanks a wonderful site

  stlucia 16:07 03 Mar 2005

Athlon XP 1800 should be just fine. So run through all of the tips in dadyassa's link.

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