Dust Removal

  poogles_uk 13:10 25 Oct 2004

How can i remove dust from the back of pcbs (such as a graphics card) without killing it off with static?

  JonnyTub 13:29 25 Oct 2004

use an anti static-wrist strap attached to an unplugged pc so as to equalise the charge between you an it, (or just put you hand on an exposed part of the chassis)then use a clean soft haired paintbrush to lightly dust of the crud, make sure you don't use a cheap brush, by cheap i mean a one where all the bristles drop out.

  polish 23:37 25 Oct 2004

the above post works well but i use a vacume cleaner close by to collect the dust

  Mozarella 23:51 25 Oct 2004

I use an old vaccuum with the pipes set to blow and they blow like hell. No problem, no dust.

  TTP 00:07 26 Oct 2004

I have just dusted my old pc using an artist paint brush and lungs(lungs not the best - use a can of compressed air). Hoovers are not really reccommended as the actual volume of air drawn is enough to charge the particles of air that pass over the components thus defeating the wrist strap and earthing of the body(you)....possibly causing static discharge (bad)...

  Danoh 00:09 26 Oct 2004

I've been well and truly ticked off by a tech support guy I respect, for using a vacuum cleaner any where near the internals of a PC box, whether I have an earth strap on or not. Quite right too, as its fast moving turbulent currents of air carring small particles of dust and moisture that builds up enough static for thunderstorms.

Probably saved from static-disasters due to well-earthed vacuum cleaners, I now use cannisters of compressed air available at more reasonable prices at places like Costco.

  Danoh 00:11 26 Oct 2004

Oh, and I keep all plugs in but with the power switched off at the mains so that the earth wiring is still connected right up to the PC's metal casing, retaining "zero" voltage potential as my domestic earth wiring is literally earthed rather than just relying on the local sub-stations earth potential.

  s99Raj 00:22 26 Oct 2004

Believe it or not this has always worked for me and the card has always worked perfectly afterwards.

Take the card out of the computer and stick it under a running tap. The water will wash away the dirt. Then shake the card gently to get rid of excess water and leave it in the airing cupboard to dry out thoroughly.


  hillybilly 00:31 26 Oct 2004

I do something very similar! In summer I stick it out in the back garden and use a high pressure hose, letting it dry out over the BBQ!

In winter I tend to let the wife sit in her electric chair and clean it with a toothbrush and a tin of bluebell!

  Danoh 00:34 26 Oct 2004

Your clean machine deserves perspex or glass sides!! :-)

  s99Raj 00:40 26 Oct 2004

You may take the piss, but like I said, it works!

And my computer DOES actually have perspex sides - with a small model of Spiderman climbing up on the inside.

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