duron CPU temperature

  weedpatch 20:25 30 Nov 2003

I have just built a duron system using a
PC chips m-board M810dmu, 256 ddr branded,
I have one case fan, windows ME.
The CPU operates at around 45*c, this seems high!
It went up to 51* so I restarted the machine, only to find that CMOS had lost all its information, Is this a temperature problem?
The m-board is sold as a 2000+ but the cpu is a 1300 duron can anyone explain this?

  terminus 20:36 30 Nov 2003

Duron 1.3 CPU temp 39*C

  terminus 20:45 30 Nov 2003

More information here click here^1078,00.html

  gold 47 00:23 01 Dec 2003

I have a Duran 1.3 on my older computer been on all day temperature 36c.
It may be worth taking your heat sink off and cleaning it you would be amazed at the dust that can build up,you could also put new thermal paste on the processor.

  Smiler 09:50 01 Dec 2003

Max Die Temp

For model 8 Duron is 85C

For model 7 Duron is 90C

  Smiler 09:51 01 Dec 2003

More info here click here

  Smiler 10:10 02 Dec 2003

Thanks for the e-mail to say sorted and I see you have ticked as resolved but can you please tell us how you sorted the problem so that others amy benefit from the experience.

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