Durchstich refill method (Canon Ink Cartridges)

  six-h 00:11 10 May 2010

Anyone had any experience of this refilling method? click here
Following my problems with "Choice" cartridges over the past 12 months, I'm considering refilling my own.
A source for the required 50/60mm needles would be helpful!

  robin_x 01:39 10 May 2010

I have a Canon Pixma MP250 now. Previously I had a Lexmark X-74. Both All-in-Ones with two cartridges.

I filled the Lexmark many times. A Tesco refill kit came with syringe and instructions including my Lexmark (ie where to drill the holes in the cartridge)

Technique for Lexmark. Fill till the ink just reaches the hole. Wipe excess. Stick some tape over the hole.

My new canon decided to piss ink everywhere when I did the same (black cartridge. Not filled colour. I hardly use colour).

An online guide said 9ml capacity, but I only got about 7ml in to the top.

Wiped and taped. But it just kept oozing and oozing through the head.

I syringed 3 ml back out, and after a dozen prints and cleaning the head with kitchen roll, it started behaving.

Found my instructions for the cartridge somewhere online. Google canon catridge refill instructions or something.

Syringes and needles available at any pharmacist.
Don't worry they don't assume you are a druggie.

Have fun.

  Confab 12:47 10 May 2010

I got mine from click here

  Confab 12:54 10 May 2010

I recommend the ARC cartridges. They work really well and have saved me a small fortune in ink costs.


  lotvic 13:20 10 May 2010

The proper filling hole for those CLI- canon cartridges is under the 'PUSH' label on top of the ink chamber click here click here

an ordinary refill kit is all that's needed

  six-h 23:23 10 May 2010

robinofloxley, despite your name, I suspect you live outside the UK!!
As far as I'm aware, syringe needles are only available here on a doctor's prescription, maybe I should paint a few track marks on my arms and try registering as a drug addict! lol
Understand the mess that leaking cartridges can make I've just had that experience with a Choice Stationery one...hours of cleaning and a full toilet roll...not to mention the conscequences in the "Waste Ink Tank"!!!
Confab, thanks for the link for the syringes, I'll ask if they do the long ones for this german method. I can't find any ARC cartridges for my canon BCI3 and BCI6 types.

Lotvic, I should perhaps have said that the cartridges in my machine are BCI6 for the C/Y/M and also a black but I also have a seperate larger BCI3 black tank, as far as I know both blacks are the same ink.

Don't know much about refilling cartridges at all, but being a hoarder, I still have the original Canon empties with their clips in place (about 5 years old!) not sure they would be any use now, but I really intended refilling the Choice stationery ones that I'm currently using.
Thanks for all the information, any more advice gratefully received!

  BT 08:01 11 May 2010

Re Syringes & needles

I think you will find that the needles and syringes supplied with every JR Inkjet and Tescos refill kits are adequately long enough for any cartridge. Also being 'blunted' ie not sharp, are much safer to use. Being blunt does not hinder their use, and they can be reused over and over.

I would recommend that you get one of these kits first to see if you get on with refilling. This will get you the kit you need, and if you want to continue then you can just buy the bulk inks.

  lotvic 11:23 11 May 2010

I think you will find that they are of the same type design and have the hole under the 'PUSH' label.

Have a look at one of your original Canon empties :)

Tip: when you refill don't forget to also tape over the breather hole (shaped ¬ on top of cartridge above the sponge chamber)

  Confab 12:21 11 May 2010

They are fairly long. A good few inches if I recall.

"As far as I know both blacks are the same ink"

click here


  six-h 22:23 11 May 2010

Lotvic, as a newbie to refilling, I'm a bit confused, your advice to tape over the breather, is this just whilst refilling via the "durchstich" method, or for either method?
Confab, thanks for your advise on the needles and your link, though it does seem to contradict your view that both inks are the same.
I must admit that if the "acid test" is the level of water resistance, none of my printing seems very waterproof (though I don't know which tank has printed what!)
In order to ensure delivery, I generally laquer printed envelopes with hairspray to give some measure of rainproofing!

  woodchip 22:40 11 May 2010

No you put Sellotape over the jet where ink comes out while you fill at the top

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