duplicating Excel work books in same workbook

  Newuser3477 23:26 12 Nov 2016

I have a work book with several pages containing links between cells in different pages I would like to duplicate this work book or work book pages within the work book itself keeping all the linked cells. Can I do this by copying the first page and pasting this further down the first page of the spreadsheet and hope that the other pages are copied too Thanks Peter

  BRYNIT 00:04 13 Nov 2016

To duplicate a work sheet with all formulars and links in an excel workbook.

Right click on the tab of the worksheet you want to copy.

Select move or copy.

Put tick in box create a copy and highlight where you want it positioned.

  Newuser3477 14:15 13 Nov 2016

I can understand your advice but I had hoped I could duplicate all the work sheets in one go to a position below each existing work sheet `peter

  lotvic 16:57 13 Nov 2016

In response to your opening post, even if it is possible: What rhyme or reason is there in:

duplicate this work book or work book pages within the work book itself

Try as I might, I am still unable to understand what you are wanting to achieve. In particular the following doesn't make any sense to me:

duplicate all the work sheets in one go to a position below each existing work sheet

  Newuser3477 17:30 13 Nov 2016

I am wanting to duplicate the sheets in the work book further down the spreadsheet as I will be staring a new years accounts with the same links across between the pages linking primary bank account entries with 3 other sheets involving trial balances income & expenditure and a balance sheets. If I copy the sheets down as I did last year the cells in the copied are still linked to the first years bank balance cells. So copying the first bank details cells in book one, the Bank account is fine, but if I copy the linked trial balance etc the cells still look to the sheets for the first/this years accounts which has no validity.. Clearly I can re do all 30/40 linked cells but it would be very helpful to retain the links across the freshly copied set of sheets. It would be very helpful to link year ones balances in the first years book to the next years opening balances in the copy below rather than have to copy these manually at the end of each year. The alternative is to copy all the sheets down and delete all the entries in all the cells but which would also be rather tedious. I hope this explains why I raised the question, I cant believe that what I want to do is in any way unique. Hopefully you can still help Thanks Peter

  lotvic 17:57 13 Nov 2016

Is this the sort of thing you want: click here How to Make an Excel Spreadsheet Roll Over to the Next Year for Calculations

Got to admit having read that it seems to me there must be an easier way to set up a roll over. Will keep looking...

  Newuser3477 23:05 13 Nov 2016

You are right, I will have a go with your roll over link Peter

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