duplicated emails from last month received

  TN 19:02 04 Apr 2013

Last week my daughter told me she had just received over 200 emails from her sky.com email account: these were all emails she had already received. I was puzzled by this but this morning I had 353 emails from my Sky email address downloaded and all of them I had already received over the last few weeks. Has anyone else had this experience or does anyone know the reason this could have happened (BTW my daughter lived some distance from my address)

  woodchip 20:26 04 Apr 2013

Try changing your Password

  Ian in Northampton 20:48 04 Apr 2013

It sounds like a problem with Sky's email server.

  awest3 08:06 05 Apr 2013

Sky have switched their email supplier from google to yahoo. Lots of people are having the same issue. Some spam which used to be trapped by google seems to be getting through with yahoo also. Al

  TN 08:24 05 Apr 2013

Many thanks awest3, Ian ans woodchip -as long as it isn't just my daughter and myself I feel better!

  Newuser4165 10:10 06 Apr 2013

Sky are having serious problkems with Yahoo Mail:- IMAP is no longer supported on Windows machines you have to use POP - not a problem for me as I tend to use only 1 Win 7 pc.

I have a separate email address for my Samsung tablet.I can't delete any emails received since Thursday on my Samsung tablet.They keep downloading.IMAP function only possible on this tablet - no POP access. In addition all my IMAP folders are now empty.No trace of any stored items.

I had a call from a friend who uses an iPad 3.All his IMAP folders are also empty.His stored data has vanished.

Sky's own forums have lots of problems reported which they need to sort out quickly.

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