Duplicate typing is driving me mad!

  Vonnie 17:57 13 Jul 2003

I am sure this is a basic question for all you guys aout there but I need help! Can anyone tell me how I can set up my PC so that it remembers information I have already typed in once? (ie addresses, e-mail addresses) I share the pc and it is so annoying that I have to re-type all my info whilst my husband just smirks as all it takes for him is a couple of clicks!

  Stuartli 18:07 13 Jul 2003

Tools>Contents tab>AutoComplete.....

(I presume you are using different computers otherwise it should work for you both).

  -pops- 18:09 13 Jul 2003

Aren't you speaking to your husband then?

  Vonnie 18:13 13 Jul 2003

I am using the same pc but it only works for him unfortunately! We do speak occasionally Pops but I am afraid he doesn't know much more than me about pcs! Hope he doesn't read that else I really will be in trouble!

  DieSse 18:13 13 Jul 2003

In Internet Explorer - Tools - Internet Options - Content - click the Autocomplete button.

  Vonnie 18:19 13 Jul 2003

Thanks for that guys - really appreciate your help. Hopefully problem is now solved!

  jazzypop 18:19 13 Jul 2003

If you want to retrieve web site addresses, then (using Internet Explorer) when you first visit a site, click Favourites > Add to Favourites. To revisit the site later, just click the Favourites menu, and scroll down to the site you want.

To store email addresses, open your email program (Outlook Express?) and add your favourite people to the Contacts list. When you next create a new email, you will see a button next to the 'To:' box - click this and your Contacts will be listed. Simply choose the one you want, and their email address will be automatically inserted into the 'To:' part of the email.

My apologies if I have misunderstood your question.

  Willow12 18:36 13 Jul 2003


  jazzypop 18:38 13 Jul 2003

Married to Vonnie, by any chance?

  Willow12 18:48 13 Jul 2003


  Pesala 19:44 13 Jul 2003

Windows can be set up for different users, then it should remember your personal settings individually. Just log on with a different user name and password.

If it gets REALLY difficult, try using a drive caddy with two hard drives - one each.

Opera Browser click here has a context menu with personal details for easy entry in edit boxes.

The Wand remembers passwords and log in details for websites. One click is all it takes in most cases. click here

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