Duplicate monitor display cause problems

  Jevgenij Trofimenko 01:46 05 Jan 2018

Lest start from the beginning:

I have a pc that has a gtx1050ti gc with 3 ports: dp, hdmi, dvi.

I connect dp port from my gc into my asus 144hz 1080p monitor

From my gc i also connect my samsung tv (full hd 1080p) using hdmi cable.

I set the display option to duplicate display so that when i game others can see it on the big screen, however this causes some problem.

First of all, the mouse cursor in games becomes much bigger. Second, i can experience slight lag when lanching a game. Third some games crash, like i cant play battlefield1 using monitor that duplicates display on tv.

I can watch movies, browse internet no problem, the lag and crashes only occur when display setting are set to duplicate diplay. How do i fix this problem ?

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