Duplicate game disc

  Woolwell 22:19 19 Sep 2008

I have Civ IV - Beyond the Sword. The DVD is showing signs of cracking at the hub. I tried copying it but the game will not run from a copy DVD. The EULA states that you can make a copy for back-up or archive purposes but also states that this CD/DVD must be loaded to run the game.

Any suggestions?

  Woolwell 22:25 19 Sep 2008

Should have added - must be legal.

  Totally-braindead 22:27 19 Sep 2008

It is my understanding that in the UK it is illegal to even make a backup copy. I could be wrong and the law might have changed but that is my understanding. In the US I believe you are legally allowed to make a backup but in the UK I think its not allowed.
Perhaps the EULA is from the states?

  Totally-braindead 22:28 19 Sep 2008

You might be able to use the copy with a NOCD patch which you can download from various sites but theres no guarantee.

  Totally-braindead 22:33 19 Sep 2008

You could get another copy click here or click here

  Woolwell 22:34 19 Sep 2008

Thanks. You are right the EULA is written for USA. Bought legally in UK tho.

  Woolwell 22:38 19 Sep 2008

Didn't want to buy another copy. But when this happened with Civ IV (is there a pattern emerging?) I bought a replacement used disc on E-Bay. Suspect that I'll end up doing the same.

  Woolwell 23:09 19 Sep 2008

NOCD didn't work. Buy another copy seems to be the way ahead.

  rdave13 23:29 19 Sep 2008

Have a look here; click here . Don't know if you get a trial time or not. There is also Alcohol 50% which is the free version.
Some games will be allowed to be copied and some not.

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