Duplicate Emails - Outllook Express 6

  groundhog99 22:46 04 Apr 2005


I wonder if someone would be kind enough to try and help me. I use outlook express 6 and for the last 7 or 8 days I keep getting repeats of emails. I have had some copies over 10 times!

I have not got the box ticked in the advanced options to keep copies on the server, unfortunately, I don't really know what else to try.

I have McAfee Security centre installed

  DieSse 23:13 04 Apr 2005

Are you letting all the emails download - they're not normally deleted from the server until all are received.

It's also possible that it's a fault at your server. can you see the emails using webmail? - if so at least you can delete them on the server - then you shouldn't get them again.

  groundhog99 23:19 04 Apr 2005

Hi - Yes I am allowing the mails to downloaded, (lots of times unfortunately). I've checked using webmail and there is nothing on the server


  DieSse 23:25 04 Apr 2005

If they're not on the server, then the normal conclusion would be that you're being sent the emails multiple times!

It's possible that a problem with the email virus checking is holding copies in an internal "server" in your system, and not clearing them out after checking and delivering to the real Inbox.

I can't see any other possible place, at the moment, where they could arise from.

  goffer23 17:40 05 Apr 2005

I wonder which ISP you're using? I've experienced the same thing for the last 3-4 weeks but only from Tiscali (which fortunately is not my main ISP) - I note there is a lot more spam and virus content transmitted through them

  oldal 18:18 05 Apr 2005

I have had multiple Email copies over the last few weeks
plus very slow dial-up connections and frequent disconnections (strangely enough broadband is about to become available in my area) I'm not at all cynical !!!!! I am also using Tiscali.

  john-232317 19:00 05 Apr 2005

I have the same problem now and again, but it always clears itself after a few days. I have 4 accounts through OE but only the hotmail ones are duplicated ;-)

  groundhog99 20:55 05 Apr 2005

Hi my email address is btconnect, but I seem to be getting the same problem with a couple of other smaller accounts too

Its been like this for about a week or so. I use Mcafee spam killer could that be causing the problem?

  TomG 21:21 05 Apr 2005

Try this

click here;en-us;296447

  TomG 21:24 05 Apr 2005

Ok that links broken - goto Microsoft's knowledgebase use outlook express as the topic and emails downloaded twice as the search.

You should get a document titled Hotmail Messages Are Downloaded Twice (Article ID:296447)

That should help.

  TomG 21:26 05 Apr 2005

And if that doesnt work

This behavior occurs if your Hotmail Name.dbx folder is damaged.

To resolve this issue, quit Outlook Express, rename the Hotmail Name.dbx folder, and then download the folder again:
1. Quit Outlook Express.
2. Click Start, point to Find, and then click Files or Folders.
3. In the Named box, type Hotmail*.dbx, and then click Find Now.
4. For each file that is found, right-click the file, click Rename, and then change the extension to xxx.
5. Close the Find Files window, and then start Outlook Express.
6. Click Send and Receive, and then click Hotmail account.

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