Duplex printer - computer no like!

  jack 09:28 11 Feb 2010

My new Dell1320 colour laser has what I would call quasi duplex print support.
That is does not actually print both sides within - but when selected a window is presented to tell you how to reload pages printed on -evens- will print the -odds-with out causing brain ache figuring which way is up/down.
So I thought I would give it a whirl, with a 4 page[2 sheet]doc.
first page printed- then nothing- machine flashing away but no action.
So I opened the printer page and there was the info - the 'spooling' showing- then it went to 'printing'
Then it cleared the window- with only the first sheet printed.
What gave up the struggle?
My puny 1gb computer RAM or the printer?

  jack 18:42 11 Feb 2010


  retep888 19:38 11 Feb 2010

Your printer is a manual two sided printing, I think you might have to turn papers over?

Or is there another check somewhere in the advanced setting.

I think your Dell is made by Lexmark, any chance you can find out from Lexmark site with a similar model?

  jack 20:03 11 Feb 2010

I jest - but somehow for no particular reason - as I have never owned one but Lexmark seemed to me to be a brand to avoid.

Coming back to by question You are right - see my post, that is what the window said.
But it only printed one odd page-it should have delivered two
Then the print active window[Start/printers faxes/click on default printer]-showed the document with spooling taking place-then switched to 'printing' then the window emptied as if the job was done- but I still had one page only.
Was it waiting for the 1sr sheet to be fed before proceeding with the next two pages- now that's a thought
Will play some more to morrow.

NOT a Lexmark!*- In the voice of Prof Alexi on landing in Russia after the tumultuous voyage

  Woolwell 20:10 11 Feb 2010

Not familiar with the Dell but my printer has manual duplex (ie re-insert pages iaw the guidance - which I have more than once messed up!).
Did you just select odd pages or as I think you should have done all pages and then tick a box manual duplex or double sided printing?

  Woolwell 20:11 11 Feb 2010

ps my printer prints all of one side before prompting to re-insert then it prints all on the reverse. It would be a real pain to do each page by page.

  jack 10:20 12 Feb 2010

The verbiage in the print duplex window actually says - 'Will print even pages- reinsert print side up-meaning blank I guess -same way as delivered - so they come out of the machine printed side down-blank up - they go in as they came out.
That right?
Doesn't alter the fact I only got one page - not two.
Got a screen shot and print to do in a mo- will play then

  Woolwell 11:48 12 Feb 2010

Agree that it strange it didn't play. I've lost count of the wasted paper I've used trying to get manual duplex to work. My laser didn't like the move to Vista for this and I now find it easier to print odd sides only first and then re-insert the paper, the right way up and the right way round, and then tell it to print even pages only. My inkjet copes fine.

  jack 11:59 12 Feb 2010

still have play some more --- later

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