gmpy1 20:16 05 Aug 2014

is there some FREE software to Remove duplicate pictures, in my pictures. I seem to have hundreds but I can only remove them one by One thanks gmpy

  rdave13 21:31 05 Aug 2014

From what I've read on these forums over the years these programs can cause problems and even delete all the duplicates including the originals. You can Google for such but I would recommend to do it manually. Start with duplicated folder first but make sure you don't mess it up. Not an easy task if they've not been labelled correctly.

  alanrwood 09:07 06 Aug 2014

Auslogics Duplicate Finder Duplicate photo Finder. Google for download but do so from the originators sites to avoid crapware.

Used both without any problems.

  gmpy1 12:33 06 Aug 2014

HI both Thank for your comments, I will give these a try, The ones I found started OK but when I came to delete they were painfully slow or wanted money to continue, I seem to have duplicated all "My Pictures" 5000 of them !!one at a time WOw! George

  wee eddie 13:04 06 Aug 2014

Is there any chance that these duplicates are in the Picture Library?

If this is the case, they are not duplicates but shortcuts to the Origionals

  alanrwood 17:55 06 Aug 2014

Good point wee-eddie

  gmpy1 21:21 06 Aug 2014

Guys I am eightyfour and not a wiz kid , dose that mean I should not delet! George

  wee eddie 22:38 06 Aug 2014

What Operating system is your PC using?

  rdave13 23:21 06 Aug 2014

gmpy1 just asking for information to others, are all these photos in your "my pictures" folder? That information might help others here to work out a solution.

  wee eddie 10:32 07 Aug 2014

gmpy: If your Operating System is Windows 7 or later, Microsoft introduced new Folders called Libraries which contain Shortcuts & Thumbnails to every file on your Drives.

In the Library, Picture Folder, will be a Thumbnail & a Link to every picture you have on your Drive.

Could this be what you are finding.

I hate them, in my opinion it is unnecessarily condescending of Microsoft to consider that I cannot create a Filing System that allows me to find every picture I have at the drop of a hat. While I may not be as bright as their backroom boys (and girls) I am not stupid and I feel that that is how they are treating me and all their other users!

  gmpy1 22:18 07 Aug 2014

Hi wee Thanks,OK dose that mean they take-up all the disk space again G

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