Dunce needs to know how to download drivers

  NotVeryTechie 16:09 20 Mar 2008

Hi there

Sorry about the very beginner question - I need to download drivers for XP from Toshiba's website and I am not sure how. I am not downloading them from the computer that I intend using them on (I don't have internet access on that computer). I am worried that if I click on a file it will start trying to install it and I just want to download and save it to a disk but not sure how to do it.

Hope someone can help an embarrassed inexperienced person!


  iscanut 16:16 20 Mar 2008

Just make sure you SAVE the downloaded file and do not RUN it until the saved file is on the computer it is intended for. Save it to floppy, CD or USB memory stick or on the desktop of the pc you are using, then email it to yourself as long as it is not too big !

  john bunyan 16:24 20 Mar 2008

As a general rule I have a folder in My Documents called Downloads (backed up on another drive and on DVD)and as Nuts says just save the file and then you can run it later or back it up as Nuts says and import it to your PC.

  NotVeryTechie 16:28 20 Mar 2008

Thing is, the files are in a zipped folder on the site. So it opens the zip folder and the size says 60% or whatever. So if I click on the file, will it auto run? Or will it give me a chance to choose to save it?

  NotVeryTechie 16:55 20 Mar 2008

The Bios Update won't let me download it, it wants to run itself.

  john bunyan 17:28 20 Mar 2008

Can you take the zipped file away on a CD or whatever to unzip on your own PC? Cant help much more !

  peter99co 17:58 20 Mar 2008

Right click on the zip file and use winzip, then extract to the folder you are in ,then open when ready.

  Totally-braindead 21:55 20 Mar 2008

BIOS updates are the only updates I would not use unless I had to.

Normally they are to add support for newer processors that weren't about when the motherboard was created. For most people updating the BIOS gives you no advantage whatsoever and if you screw it up you can effectively destroy your computer.

Unless you are updating your processor do not flash the BIOS, theres no advantage and it can kill your PC. The rest of the drivers are completely different and can be downloaded and installed no problems at all.

  NotVeryTechie 16:33 24 Mar 2008

Thank you so much Totally Braindead, again you have supplied a great reply!

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