dun problem

  charlie whisky 21:08 13 Jan 2007

Hi Folks
Daughter has decamped from BT, having been seduced by the sweet blandishments of TalkTalk, including it's promise of "free Broadband".
This latter "goodie" involves me in getting the Broaband stuff up and running.
(Her PC is running Windows98 SE, build 4.10.2222A plus many of the subsequent upgrades/patches from Microsoft..)

Installation of TalkTalk stuff started off OK with Protection software and then the driver for the Speedtouch 300 modem.
During this latter procedure a page was flagged up which stated that a program called dun1.4 was required, that the modem would NOT work if
this program was absent and that this program could be obtained from Microsoft.

Sure enough, when the modem installation completed, the lights were lit and the modem could be activated - however it would not connect and flagged a message which stated that the failure to connect was due to the absence of dialling tone. (or words to that effect)
Presumably the dun1.4 is needed for the dialling tone ??

I downloaded the Microsoft recommended DUN14_98.exe program from Microsoft, it purported to be the latest version.
On trying to RUN this program an error dialogue stated the following:- "Update not designed for your version of Windows"
Do any of the excellent members of the Forum have any ideas how to resolve this "Catch 22" situation?

Thanks a lot in advance - Charlie Whisky

  Stuartli 21:10 13 Jan 2007

Has the Windows 98SE operating system been brought right up to date using the Unofficial Windows 98SE Service Pack (a labour of love by the author) as it includes DUN 1.4?

If not see:

click here

  Stuartli 21:15 13 Jan 2007

The latest driver and "up to 8MB" patch can be found at:

click here


click here

  charlie whisky 19:56 14 Jan 2007

Many thanks to Stuarli for his excellent links - he necessary downloads have been made and will be trundled over to daughter's tomorrow.
Charlie Whisky

  Stuartli 20:15 14 Jan 2007

Sorry, Unofficial Windows 98SE Service Pack link should be:

click here

  charlie whisky 19:58 15 Jan 2007

Many thanks Stuartli for the new link to the latest Windows98 SE Service Pack, I have been sucessfully using the old version 1.5 for quite a time, I think that originally you pointed me in that direction.
The new application was downloaded and fired up on daughter's PC - BINGO, this brought the Broadband to life.
Daughter wishes me to thank you profusely on her behalf - I refused to take the "Brownie Points" !!!

Mission NOT Impossible with the help of experts.

Charlie Whisky

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