dumping physical memory

  chezty 09:55 05 Jun 2006

I know we have had a thread for this before but my problem is slightly different as i do not run any games on my pc.
I have noted down the error codes as advised.
Please help me resolve this as it has started to happen regularly.
Not a pc whizz so please try to be as untechnical as poss.

0x0000009C, 0x00000004, 0x80545FF0, 0xB2000000,

Thanks, any advice greatly welcomed.

  PsiFox 11:53 05 Jun 2006

Are you running an Athlon 64 bit cpu and or an nforce chipset motherboard?

  chezty 12:14 05 Jun 2006

I think it is an Athlon 64 bit cpu, being a complete novice how would i check this??

  PsiFox 12:30 05 Jun 2006

go to click here

download and run. It will identify your cpu.

there are many reasons for the error message you are getting and a lot are associated with 64bit cpu's.

Could be RAM, CPU, power supply or motherboard bios.

What make/power is your psu please include any info that looks like this

"+12-16A, -12v 0.8A."

  chezty 12:48 05 Jun 2006

OK, i have run that program and i think this is the info you are asking for!

CPU-AMD Sempron 2800+, voltage- 1.376v
Motherboard- Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd, model-K8VM800M
Bios- Award Software International Inc, version- F7

Its like another language to me, i feel so bloody useless. Do you think its better to take it to a specialist. Am I going to end up messing it up more?

  PsiFox 13:02 05 Jun 2006

ok not a 64 bit cpu then.

Power output of psu?

  PsiFox 13:02 05 Jun 2006

don't worry about feeling useless we all started somewhere:)

  PsiFox 13:09 05 Jun 2006

OK the first part of the message "9c" is hardware so:

1. can you boot into safe mode and does the system stay running in "safe" longer than normal

2. Download and run memtest (for several hours) and advise results. One of the most common causes is RAM problems.
If you have 2 sticks also try removing one and trying the system again. If problem still exists try other stick.
Can you get hold of another stick from a friend and try that?

  PsiFox 13:19 05 Jun 2006

gotta go out to meeting now for rest of day. Will check tomorrow.

  PsiFox 13:56 06 Jun 2006

Any luck?

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